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SEO articles are written to inform, educate and to sell a product.The average SEO article, the type of article that earns a website a higher search ranking, communicates some educational information to the web reader.

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Author: Valerie Mellema

There's not really a secret to writing good SEO articles. Having good writing ability is a skill, though it's one that can be learned more easily than neurology. The good news is that you don't necessarily have to be a great writer in order to produce excellent SEO articles. Great writing, or what the media perceives as great writing, involves opinionated commentary, a technical understanding of story construction and a very educated, passionate voice. Search Engine Optimization, or web copywriting, isn't concerned with great writing.

SEO articles are written to inform, educate and to sell a product. The average SEO article, the type of article that earns a website a higher search ranking, communicates some educational information to the web reader. The web reader types in a keyword subject and clicks on the most relevant link. Articles for web content are usually about general interest topics that relate to the industry or the products being sold. 

These SEO articles are usually not biased, nor do they read like official copy. These articles exist for the benefit of the reader, in order to educate or enlighten them on the subject. After all, how can you expect a customer to buy a product if he or she has a very limited understanding about why the product is needed? These SEO articles are like training something the web reader can take home and keep with them.

This is the type of writing that will attract new customers, because you're giving them something in exchange for their attention. Even if the customer doesn't buy anything from you, they will have received free education, which makes it worthwhile in their perspective. However, most customers do end up buying something from the company that they spend the most time visiting. Therefore, it pays to give careful attention to SEO articles.

How can you decide which SEO company to work with when the time comes for article writing? Reputation is important in this business so read up on the company. Analyze its history and read up on what clients they have worked with in the past. Most companies offer discounts on bulk SEO articles as well as guarantees as to the quality of their work and client satisfaction. 

Remember that keywords can attract targeted traffic, which leads to higher conversions. Articles may start paying for themselves after a few months at the top of the rankings. For more information, look up Search Engine Optimization and compare company price quotes.

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