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Wood siding is a type of covering for exterior walls, and an alternative to aluminum or vinyl siding. The siding is available in a variety of colors, styles, materials, and layouts.

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2 . Wood Siding

Wood house siding is one of the more popular varieties of siding available today. In the past, homeowners' choices were limited only to what their local home improvement stores had in stock, or what the installer was able to find. The advent of the Internet has made it easier than ever for shoppers to find different options and increased their choices. While it is now possible to find a wide variety of wood siding options, homeowners should be aware that there are still some very expensive choices on the market today. The prices for wood siding are based on the location and availability of the wood. That means that the closer the wood is to the owner, the less expensive it will be. Redwood, which is available primarily on the West Coast, is a relatively inexpensive option for those living in California or Oregon. The further it has to move east though, the more expensive it becomes. While there are a number of options and choices for shoppers, experts recommend that shoppers plan a budget before making a final decision, and stick to that budget.

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3 . Wood Clapboard Siding

Wood clapboard siding is the most popular choice for homeowners. This type of siding is characterized by smaller and thinner pieces of wood that lay on top of each other in a horizontal fashion. Wood clapboard siding has been used on homes and buildings for more than two hundred years in the United States, and has replaced vertical wood siding as the choice for many owners. Wood clapboard siding is available in a variety of materials depending on the area of the country where the homeowner lives. Though this is true, the most often used wood for clapboard siding is pine. Pine wood clapboard siding is often used because it holds a stain or paint far better than some of the other types of wood. The only potential problem with pine is that it requires continuous cover, meaning that it must always be used with a stain or paint finish. The other popular choice for wood clapboard siding is redwood. Redwood is known for being repellant to insects, and also stronger than some of the other wood choices. Depending on the area where the home is, this type of wood can be quite expensive. It is typically cheaper to use in the west because that is where the majority of the wood is grown. Wood clapboard siding requires less maintenance than other types of siding, and lasts far longer, as well.

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4 . Engineered Wood Siding

Engineered wood siding is a type of siding that has the look of wood, but is not made of wood. Engineered wood siding is sometimes made of a mixture of fiber and cement. The materials are combined, then pressed into molds to create pieces that are typically 1-2 foot long and 6-12 inches wide. While the pieces are in the mold, a wood grain is pressed onto the top. Once the pieces come out of the mold, the tops will have the look of wood complete with a grain and even knots. Though the pieces are often smaller, they can also come in longer sizes that add to the realistic wood look. These pieces often look very similar to wood from far away, but upon a closer look, they appear more like plastic or vinyl than actual wood. This type of siding has a few advantages over traditional wood siding. It is often much cheaper and easier to ship because it does not have to adhere to specific temperatures or shipping requirements. It is also easier to install, and lasts longer, as well as resistant to damage from the elements.

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