WinDefender2009 carries a high security threat. It will display security alerts to you through pop-up ads. The purpose of this is to get you to purchase their security product (which is totally fake).

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Just How Dangerous is WinDefender2009?

Author: Carl Atkinson

Recently, the growth of the internet has caused other undesirable programs to grow in number as well. Spyware programs such as WinDefender2009 are becoming more and more common, and causing many problems. Do you suspect that you have advertising software installed on your pc? If you do, you need to know what it is, what it does, and how to eliminate it. This is not something you want left on your computer!

You will recognize the signs of these programs very quickly. Pop-up ads that can't be blocked, slow computer performance, changed wallpaper and flashing icons in your system tray are just a few of the symptoms. Many of the pop-up advertisements you receive will be directly related to your online browsing activities, because this software has the ability to track your searches and the sites you visit.

Where do these ugly software programs come from? Most of the time programs such as WinDefender2009 come from other files you download or spam e-mails you receive. They can also come from the websites you visit, and this particular software sometimes comes from adult websites that are pornographic in nature or gambling related. Most people are completely unaware that they are downloading anything dangerous or threatening.

How dangerous is this type of software? WinDefender2009 carries a high security threat. It will display security alerts to you through pop-up ads. The purpose of this is to get you to purchase their security product (which is totally fake). It will then place even more infections on your pc. Another danger of this program is its ability to secure your credit card number and other personal information. It can literally steal your identity.

What dangers do these programs pose to your computer? WinDefender2009 can infect windows processes with malicious viruses, decrease your internet bandwidth and re-direct your browser to corrupt web pages. It can also deactivate security and re-direct log in names, passwords, keystrokes and other information to distant servers. As you can see, this is a highly dangerous program that you do not want installed on your computer!

While you can try to uninstall this software manually, it is nearly impossible. It will reinstall itself upon start up, so getting an anti-spyware program to remove it is the best solution. There are many products available, but many are not as effective as they should be. Some will remove a portion of the threats and viruses, leaving some infections on your pc. This requires another program to remove what the first one left.

You can try to remove WinDefender2009 yourself, but it is doubtful that it will work. I have tried many anti-spyware products to remove this rogue anti-spyware programs, but none of them were successful. This is extremely difficult to remove, but Spyzooka removed it. If you believe that this software is installed on your computer, get Spyzooka. It is the only product that is guaranteed to remove 100% of the threats and other parasites on your pc with only one scan.

For more information on how to remove WinDefender 2009 click here. 

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