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Technical validation should be readily available. Your average hold time should not exceed a couple of minutes. If the hold instant for support is long, this means that there are a lot of problems with the product or there support is understaffed.

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36 Questions To Ask Your Web Host Before You Buy

Author: Hosting Ratings

Technical Support:

Technical validation should be readily available. Your average hold time should not exceed a couple of minutes. If the hold instant for support is long, this means that there are a lot of problems with the product or there support is understaffed.

1. How strong is their technical validation division?

2. What do properties provide?

3. When are they available?

4. Does tech support cost extra?


The website hosting servers plans to be hosted at a remote location amidst multiple backup across multitude of locations. The servers should also be double firewall protected. If the websites are hosted in that brand of an environment, it means that you are protected against any power failure, natural disaster, or individuals trying to steal your information. You can check how many servers a company is hosting by asking them for the address of one of the companies they host. Then go to http://whois.sc, and watch up that name. Whois will tell you how many ones they are hosting. Use a organization that is hosting several thousand websites.

5. How secure is the site?

6. What type of protection do they offer?

7. How can they insure that unauthorized users will not compromise the integrity of your Web site?


The amount of storage your website hosting offers is tied to how large your website can become. You want to make ensured too you have enough space to not merely to build your current website, but to expand in the future.

8. How much storage do they offer?

9. A typical Web site uses between 20-30 MB.

10. Do they offer enough extra megabytes to for your business to grow into? 100MB is a good begun point.


Getting a Domain name for your business is one of the most important things you could do.

11. Will the hosting company register your Domain name?

12. How long would it take?

13. Is there any extra value to you?


There are 3 basic website design options. 1) Hire a web developer to design the whole website. 2) A template solution that is inexpensive, but modifications are limited. 3) A table founded solution at which the initial content is provided by the hosting association but everything combined with the entire layout can be changed. Make sure which type you are purchasing and if this is the correct solution for you.

14. Do they have a builder that you can manage easily?

15. What type of computer background do you crisis to design your site?

16. Do you hold internal control over content and updates?


There are 2 kinds of email. The first is POP 3. This email sort is attached to the domain name, and the email can be viewed based on information from a web mail Internet browser window, or downloaded to a program such as Outlook or Eudora. The second email type is a forwarding address or email alias, where you have an email address that is @YourDomain, but it forwards to a different email address. POP 3 is usually larger amount of desirable while you can view your email on a variety of applications, and it strengthens your organization image.

17. How a good number of email aliases comes with your package?

18. Will they have your domain name in them for a more professional appearance?

19. What is the cost to add extra emails?

20. Are there any additional costs?

Search Engine Optimization:

You provided put up your website to the searching the web engines, this type of as Google, close to once a month. This will windfall to rank you even better in the search rankings

21. Are search engine engine submissions included in your package?

22. How performs it work?

23. Do you undergo internal control over content and updates?


Make sure there are no hidden costs. Some companies will give you a low price appreciating that they can charge you for additional services latter on.

24. What are the market worth involved?

25. What are the initial setup fees and what do you get exactly?

26. What are the monthly maintenance fees are what do they cover?

27. Are there any additional charges?

28. If so, what are they and why?


29. Am I locked to a contract?

31. May I cancel at anytime?

32. Are there any penalty fees for switching or closing my account?

33. What happens to my content?


34. What makes them better than their competition?

35. Do they forward extra features, storage space, better technical support?

36. What spot on sets them apart?

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