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Envision your wake up time. Think about the time at which you want to wake. Visualize the clock with the time you get up and also visualize you getting up.

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Waking up naturally without the help of shrilling tones of the alarm clock is much easier than you thought. Your body slowly gets adjusted from deep sleep to a calm awakening.First determine the exact time you need to wake up. It should be same for each day of the week. You can’t say that you need to get up any time between 6 and 7 AM. It has to be exact as 6AM or 6:30 AM. Your goal is to train yourself to wake up the same time you have set. The key is to make effective use of the metal alarm clock. Envision your wake up time. Think about the time at which you want to wake. Visualize the clock with the time you get up and also visualize you getting up. Apply the technique of auto suggestion by telling yourself out loud “I will wake up at (your time).”
How Much Sleep You Need
Figure out how much sleep you need. This can be tricky. Do you feel drowsy the whole day? Do you yawn the whole day? These are few signs of less sleep. Getting enough sleep is very important to your health. Having inadequate sleep can impair your reaction time and mental functioning and can also negatively impact your immune system. It is important to know how many hours of sleep you need. Abstain from things which affect the sleep like alcohol, sleep medicines, caffeine, tobacco and cigarettes. Continue abstaining from the use of these products till you find the number of hours of sleep you need. If you are addicted to alcohol, tobacco or any other drugs then it will be difficult to sleep while abstaining from these products. In such cases you need to address your addiction before performing test without abstaining. Don’t take nap and go to bed when you are tired. Continue this for few days to find the amount of sleep you need. Everybody is different but anyone who is above 15 needs 7 to 10 hours of sleep every night.
Schedule Your Time
Go to bed at the same time every night depending upon the time you need to get up and amount of sleep you required. Initially it will be difficult to go to bed at the same time but it becomes easier over time.Wean yourself the use of alarm clock. In few days using regular bed time and wake time you should be able to wake up without the help of an alarm clock. Note that none of these methods are 100 effective and what works for one person may or may not work for another. Try them when you don’t have very important to do at a certain time or you can use alarm clock as a backup which you can set half an hour after you are planning to get up. Be careful of taking naps in between, because this will mess up the regular sleep schedule and that will make it harder to fall asleep at your planned time. If your body needs nap then make it a part of your regular schedule and take it the same time and for same length every day.