Unappreciative Teenagers

The teenage years are one of the most difficult phases of life. Moreover, the perplexity of teenagers shows its face more clearly on special occasions as well as holidays than at other times.

Sarah’s daughter sits idle in the house. She does not appreciate anything her mom does. Sarah lives alone with her daughter and saves most of her money in order to provide everything for her daughter. Yet, her daughter only seems to take her for granted. Even on Mother’s Day, her daughter neither wished Sarah nor spent some time with her. Sarah felt so bad…

Is your story the same as Sarah’s? If yes, then you should know the REAL cause of such behavior of kids.

Read on…

Oh! Teenage Years!

The teenage years are one of the most difficult phases of life. Moreover, the perplexity of teenagers shows its face more clearly on special occasions as well as holidays than at other times.

Do not lose heart by your kid’s behavior. There are ways to handle it.

Tackling Teenagers

The first thing you can do is alter the way you react to the unhappiness and disrespect shown by your child to you. You may not realize but this alteration in your behavior can influence your kid’s behavior to a great extent.

The second thing you need to remember is that teen age is a temporary phase and once your kid becomes mature, he or she will understand you better.

Tackling overindulged, spoiled, and ungrateful teenagers may not be an easy task for you in the beginning. However, if you stick to the “ignore” approach, then life would get easier for you as well as your growing child.

The Biggest Mistake Of Parenting

In families where both parents work, it is usual to find parents go to extreme lengths to fulfill their kid’s every desire in order to substitute for the guilt for not being there with their kid. THIS IS THE WRONG APPROACH.

When you do this, your kids start thinking that it is the responsibility of mom and dad to make them happy. They also learn that every desire can be fulfilled. Such lessons can prove to be detrimental in the future. The more you try to create a perfect environment for your child, the more he or she becomes dependent on you for becoming happy. They always need your shoulder to cry and are not able to handle the difficulties of life on their own.

A Trap

By helping too much, you are actually laying a trap for your child. Once she or he falls in it, it will be tough to get out of it. Such kids are emotionally insecure and lack confidence. They become irresponsible and are unable to make choices in life. Such kids, when something goes wrong, blame their parents for the situation. They are not able to originate effective solutions and run for their parents’ cover all the time.

Do you want your child to become dependent?
Do you want your child to lack self-esteem?
Do you want your child to be irresponsible?

No, of course, you don’t want to. So, stop pampering your kids all the time. Let them grow on their own. It works!

Dr. Randy Cale, a Clifton Park-based parenting expert, author, speaker and licensed psychologist, offers practical guidance for a host of parenting concerns. His Web site, www.TerrificParenting.com, offers free parenting guidance and an e-mail newsletter.
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