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Just about everywhere you go, even if you are in the comfort of your own home, you are being introduced to the use of the toll free number. Many businesses use them because it is more convenient for their consumers, and a lot of consumers like them because it means that they can afford to call the businesses that they frequent or need to be in contact with. Just about every big business has a toll free number, and chances are that you have used them many times in the past and will use them many times in the future.

1. What Are Toll Free Numbers?

Toll free numbers are just that, toll free. It means that you don't have to call long distance to call a specific number. This comes in handy a lot of the time because if you are calling a business or individual who is 1,000 miles away from you and they have an 800 number, you will not have to use a long distance service. Instead, you simply need to dial the 800 number, and you'll be in touch with the business that you want to call.

Toll free numbers are basically numbers that can be reached from anywhere by anyone without incurring long distance charges. This has become more important over the years, as there are people who are doing business and in touch with different sides of the world, let alone different sides of a city, state, or country. Toll free numbers were created because there is a need for people to be able to get in touch with others without incurring large fees. Many companies have found that toll free numbers are essential for them to do business on a large scale.

2. Calling An 800 Number

Calling an 800 number is not complicated whatsoever; in fact, most people that dial a phone today know how to dial toll free numbers, and they do it without a second thought. In most areas, you simply need to dial a one, then the 800, and the following seven digits. 800 numbers are just as simple as every other number to dial; there are just more digits than you would have to dial if you were calling someone locally, and you actually dial the same number of digits as you would dial if you were calling someone long distance. The process is simple and straightforward and beneficial to the person who is calling because they needn't worry about how long they are on the line, as the call does not involve any long distance charges, hence the term toll free.

When you dial an 800 number, you do not need any extra services on the line; you simply need local service. The reason for this is that while you may be calling cities, states, or even countries away from where you are, you are not incurring any fees for the call. For this reason, you don't even need long distance. You could even call an 800 number from a pay phone. Though, if you call an 800 number from a cell phone, you may still be charged for the minutes that it takes to call the number, though this would likely be far less than you would pay if you were calling long distance.

3. Who Needs 800 Numbers?

Usually, businesses benefit most from 800 numbers, but this isn't always the case. Those that need 800 numbers are generally those that receive business or any type of calls from all over the country or world. The benefit of these numbers is that people can call you, and they don't have to worry about the long distance charges.

There are some people who like to get 800 numbers because they receive calls from their friends and families that live in other countries. Many people have found that it is worth paying for a toll free number, so their friends and family can call them any time without worrying about long distance charges, especially if they are making international calls. While a lot of individuals choose to pay for 800 numbers, it is primarily businesses that make use of these phone numbers.

4. How To Get A Toll Free Number

Getting a toll free number is not difficult at all. Just as you need to get in touch with your phone company to get a local number, you will need to get in touch with your phone company to secure an 800 number. If there is a specific number that you would like, such as a phone number that spells out your business name, or is easy to remember, you may have to pay more for it, but something memorable is a good idea if you are using the number for business purposes.

When you call your phone company, you will want to inquire about 800 numbers and the different plans that they have for you to take advantage of. Most phone companies today are into providing a different range of services, so you will want to inquire about the different packages that are available, so you get the product that best suits your need. For instance, you may be able to package your 800 number with other services such as call waiting, voice mail, three way calling, and other services. In addition, if your business uses cable services or Internet services, you may be able to bundle all these services to save quite a bit of money each month. Not all phone companies offer bundle services with 800 numbers, but it's definitely worth asking about.

5. Why Businesses Like Toll Free Numbers

If you have just opened your business, you may be wondering why you should go ahead and get a toll free number. The answer is simple: it will give your customers the ability to call you any time, from anywhere, without worrying about the cost of the call. For instance, a potential customer may want to call you to have some questions answered, but when they see that they have to pay to call you, they look for someone else whom they can call and get some information free. Businesses like 800 numbers because it means that they are easy to get in touch with, and when you are in business, you want to make sure that you are accessible to all customers and potential customers. If you don't appear to be accessible, customers will pass you by; it's just the way it works. There is competition out there for every business, and consumers know this and that is why they search for those who are not only easy to get in touch with, but care enough about them that they don't charge them to call to get their products or services. It's just good business sense to invest in a toll free number because your consumers, present and future, will thank you!

6. Why Consumers Like 800 Numbers

Consumers like 800 numbers because it means that they can get in touch with the businesses that they need without worrying about incurring long distance charges. Many consumers don't like it when businesses don't have toll free numbers because they know that they will have to spend time navigating menus and even spend time on hold. Who wants to spend their money, no matter how minimal, waiting on hold for someone to answer a simple question, or to order something that shouldn't take that long?

Many consumers will actually choose to pass up businesses that don't offer an 800 number when there is a comparable business that does offer this feature. It seems like something that is small and insignificant to the business owner, but when you are a consumer, every little thing about a business matters. Being able to call a business without incurring fees is important to some people.

A lot of consumers in big cities expect businesses to have 800 numbers. The reason for this is that, depending on where they live, a business may be within driving distance, but may be long distance by phone. Why should one have to pay to call a business across town? They shouldn't! This is exactly why businesses should have a toll free number for their customers!

7. What To Expect When You Call Toll Free Numbers

If you are a consumer and you are calling a toll free number, it's hard to know what to expect. Businesses that offer toll free numbers are often quite busy, which is why they allow their customers to call for free. When you call a toll free number, you may have to navigate your way through an automated menu. This allows your call to be routed to the right person or department, so you can get the answers, products, or services that you need in the most efficient way possible.

When you call other 800 numbers, you may need to stay on hold and wait for the next available customer service representative. This is when the toll free number comes in really handy, because no one wants to waste their hard earned money on long distance charges that are all related to being on hold. No one likes to be on hold, but when you know that it isn't costing you anything, it is a lot more tolerable. While you may have to deal with menus and being on hold with some businesses, others will pick right up; it all depends on the business that you are calling, how busy they are, and how the line is set up. Generally speaking, 800 numbers make calling a business much more affordable.

8. The Difference Between 888 And 800 Numbers

You may see that when you are calling toll free numbers the prefix is 888 instead of 800. There is no need to worry; this is still a toll free number. More and more businesses and individuals were subscribing to 800 numbers, and over time, there were not any more unique numbers to give to these people who wanted the toll free numbers associated with their business. Well, businesses still needed the toll free numbers, so instead of having the 800 prefix, the newer numbers have the 888 prefix.

In coming years, there may need to be additional prefixes added to 800 and 888 to accommodate all those businesses that want to allow their customers to contact them toll free. The addition of additional prefixes is a good thing; it means that more businesses are realizing the importance of having a toll free number for their consumers to contact them! This means the consumer is benefiting in a big way!

9. When You No Longer Need Your 800 Number

Many businesses start out getting the most out of their 800 number, but over time, their business changes, and they outgrow the need for the toll free number. This has become very true, as a lot of businesses are providing the majority of their customer services and even receiving service and product orders through the Internet. If you feel like you have outgrown your 800 number, you should stop and think about it for a while before you simply do away with it. Does your toll free number ever ring? If it does ring, even if it is once or twice a day, you should consider keeping the line. One or two orders a day adds up when you consider the revenue that may be coming from those one or two orders.

If the line never rings, then you can probably do away with the 800 number without looking back. Many companies find that their customers are happy ordering through the Internet and even contacting them via the Internet. With cell phones being the primary means of communication today, many consumers just aren't as worried about it because they are charged for minutes regardless of whom they are calling and when. Of course, if you decide to do away with the toll free number and you get complaints, you can always reinstate the line and make your customers happy again.
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