Tips for Bathroom Renovation Malone NY

When picking out the colors for your bathroom, keep in mind the atmosphere you're trying to create. Here are three options that reflect different feelings.

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Forgo renovation headaches with 5 no-construction ideas

While major bathroom renovations can lead to extreme transformations, they can also lead to headaches and extraordinary expense. But not every makeover has to involve the removal of walls or the installation of a whirlpool tub.

Infuse your bathroom with a couple of simple changes that don't have to break the bank or your back. Here are five options -- some that only require being able to use a screwdriver, and some that call for additional time investment.

1. Update decor

Difficulty: Easy

Investment: As little as $100

Just like your wardrobe, your bathroom needs updated fashion. Pick a new shower curtain, bath mat and towel set. Add to the ambiance with a coordinating flower arrangement, counter accessories, pictures or a ascent shelf to the room.

2. Replace fixtures

Difficulty: Easy

Investment: Less than $100

Replace the towel bars, toilet paper holders and shower-curtain rods your builder installed with some trendy punches of style. Hardware stores feature everything from traditional to classic to sleek options in various finishes such as brushed nickel, bronze and chrome, to name a few.

3. Just paint it

Difficulty: Moderate

Investment: As little as $100

Pull down that wallpaper and start with a clean palette. Find a hue that suits the mood you want to set in the bathroom (see sidebar). Your options are endless.

4. Swap the mirror

Difficulty: Moderate

Investment: Less than $200, plus a carpenter

Your builder probably installed the standard vanity mirror. Replace that no-style selection with a new mirror that, like fixtures, can add some personality to the bathroom. Find a mirror with ornate, picture-frame-like casing, or steer toward something with sleek beveled edges. You also have an endless array of wood finishes available to match existing cabinetry. You may need a carpenter to help with this one.

5.New faucet and shower hardware

Difficulty: Hard

Investment: As little as $50 per piece, plus the help of a plumber

After years of use, your faucets and shower hardware can start to show their age. Give your bathroom a quick makeover with new hardware, which also comes in a variety of styles. Not comfortable making the switch yourself?  Call a plumber to install your shiny new hardware.


Pick the best colors for your bathroom

When picking out the colors for your bathroom, keep in mind the atmosphere you're trying to create. Here are three options that reflect different feelings.

Color: Ecru

Paint your walls this light shade of brown to set off a regal ensemble. It's the perfect neutral to set off a combination of rust and deep, pale green. Pair either with brushed gold or bronze accents to complete the look. And if you change your look later, you won't necessarily require a new paint job.

Color: Light pale blue

This clean and soft color will make your bathroom seem serene. Teamed with white linens and dark-brown wicker accents, the color will give your bathroom a spa-like feel. This look would work best in a room featuring white cabinetry.

Color: Lemon Chiffon

Small spaces can become even smaller with dark paint. Open up your tiny bathroom with this less heavy hue. It's a clean color that won't leave you feeling claustrophobic. Keep the open feeling going by teaming a creamy yellow with white linens and clear glass counter accessories.


author: Emilie Arkin

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