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Starting as a new marketer, your unending energy to make goals and dreams happen in your business. Doing this, you will spend many hours that can be quite disadvantageous to how successful your business can be.

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What is Your Most Important Asset?

Author: charlesberger

Starting out and seeing that your business is starting to thrive and grow you will realize that you need to protect yourself and your future business. Experience will tell you that there is a "killer" growing also. What you will realize is that you are losing a very important and valuable asset. You will also realize that your time seems to disappear.

TIME is the most important and valuable asset. It is not money and it is not leads, it is time.

Starting as a new marketer, your unending energy to make goals and dreams happen in your business. Doing this, you will spend many hours that can be quite disadvantageous to how successful your business can be. Some of the most successful network marketers are falling victim to this.

One thing you must understand is that money and leads will flow into your business with great quantity but if you do not have the time to do the things correctly, it will all come to a halt.

The natural tendency is to be a manager more often than a network marketer. Your first reaction is to let go on your own production and think that you can help everyone else be successful. Do not do this. It is your business. Your goal is to bring more prospects into your business and the support should be secondary. Never, never stop your marketing.

Letting the managing side take over will only give the time killers come into your daily routine. You do not want to be handholding these young chicks. You do not want to be a babysitter. Being the babysitter, you will see your team production fall because you are not doing what it takes to keep your business growing.

This may feel comfortable to you at first, but what you should do is always take care of your marketing first and your team support and personal phone calls second. Be limited, you cannot recoup time.

Do not negotiate your time.

About the Author:

Charlie Berger is a leading Home Business Expert and Expert Author. Has been personally responsible for teaching many how to leave the 9 to 5 grind to enjoy the financial and time freedom you always hear about but few can show you how to achieve. See what Charlie is up to now at: http://www.bergersbillions.com

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/home-business-articles/what-is-your-most-important-asset-827152.html

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