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The application or business logic tier performs detailed processing while controlling an application's functionality. In .net application development, the business logic is kept in a separate layer.

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Three-tier model is a kind of client-server architecture where a server communicates with both client through the internet and a database within an intranet. Three-tier model is any system in which the client tier or user interface, business logic and data access are developed as independent modules on separate platforms. In .net application development environment a three-tier model improves performance and scalability.

Three-tier model separates the application process into three layers. The user interface or the presentation layer is the topmost level of application. It displays information related to services such as purchasing and shopping cart contents. It connects with the other two tiers and outputs results to the client tier or browser.

The application or business logic tier performs detailed processing while controlling an application’s functionality. In .net application development, the business logic is kept in a separate layer. The web languages used are C# and VB. This layer typically defines functions, classes and procedures and properties.

The data access tier usually comprises of database servers where information is stored and retrieved. The data tier separates or isolates data from business logic or application servers.

Advantages of Three-Tier Model:

  • The computational functions can be distributed among different systems
  • The client and server are separately designed thus ensuring simplicity
  • The data is centrally located at the server, so there is no question about its reliability
  • Data loss is minimized because the data gets distributed among geographically distributed clients and servers
  • Many clients can access the server simultaneously consulting firms always advocate a three-tier model for proper web application development. This is because multi-tier architecture ensures scalability. Web pages requiring updates or redesign can be handled by altering the presentation tier without the business logic tier. A .net application development professional can replace or upgrade any one tier individually without affecting other tiers. Companies outsourcing services to web development professionals hope their websites are based on the three-tier model to ensure optimal performance.

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