The Emotional Effects of Osteoporosis Farmingville NY

The emotional effects of osteoporosis will vary from person to person in Farmingville but it is important for a woman to know that she is never alone in the process. In this article I will outline some key emotions that you may feel due to osteoporosis.

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The Emotional Effects of Osteoporosis

Author: Julie

The emotional effects of osteoporosis will vary from person to person but it is important for a woman to know that she is never alone in the process. In this article I will outline some key emotions that you may feel due to osteoporosis. Reading and discussing your feelings on a daily basis may help you. You can even take it a step further and keep a journal that keeps a record of your emotional scale on a daily basis so that you can see what days you have improved and those days when you just couldn’t get it together. Trust me everyone recognizes just how strong of a person you are and you are applauded for it. No one expects you to be superwoman all of the time so do not add any more pressure on yourself, you are doing a great job.

A Sense of Insecurity

Now that you are aware how easy it is to fall down and fracture a bone you may be feeling rather insecure about going places since it requires you to leave your home, which is your comfort zone. I do not want you to stray away from your normal activities, it will help you to cut down on certain activities but do not stop altogether. (Unless of course you have a consultation and the physician feels it to be in your best interest and this will depend on the severity of your condition) I know that when you are home you probably have items in place to assist you with walking and getting around comfortably and this is a great way to take a lot of pressure off of your bones.


We all get a little down sometimes but please do not get discouraged and cause yourself to go into a state of depression. You are a fighter and you deserve to live so you have to remain positive and encourage yourself on a daily basis to fight your osteoporosis. When you get depressed think of a time when you cried so hard you thought you would die from laughing. Every day that you live with osteoporosis is still a day that you are alive so do not discount it.

Physical Changes

Having osteoporosis causes a significant change in your physical appearance and this can cause you to have a low self-esteem. You are not the only one who experiences this and trust me people are not as judgmental as you think they may be. You are still beautiful despite the changes that have taken place with your body and you need to always remember that. Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves and it is hard.

Having osteoporosis is not easy. I want you to know that you are not alone and there are plenty of people who experience the same if not similar things that you go through. Remember it is not always about how you get into situations but the positive lessons and experiences that you get out of them. Love yourself!

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Understand more about osteoporosis and your health today! Don't wait to get and stay healthy by eating better, exercising and sticking to a diet . It can really help you feel better and keep your body and bones healthy.

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