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There are so many pressing issues and tasks that we must do every day and relaxation is often relegated to the sidelines. You will often hear people complaining about not having any time to enjoy life and relax.

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Author: John Adison

There are so many pressing issues and tasks that we must do every day and relaxation is often relegated to the sidelines. You will often hear people complaining about not having any time to enjoy life and relax. These same people are under enormous amounts of stress and it takes a huge emotional, spiritual, and physical toll on each of them.

Nowadays life of every person is full of stress. Many people don't even notice stress. A lot of people are suffering from stress but not everyone is aware of their disease. There are several symptoms of stress and other psychological disorder. First step in treatment of stress is recognizing the symptoms. After recognizing the symptoms you should find the cause of anxiety. After finding the causes try to eliminate all the situations which can cause anxiety. Some people perform simple exercises to get rid of stress.

Unfortunately, stress only adds to problems in the workplace. For instance, have you ever been in a room so thick with emotion, you could almost cut it with a knife? You want to turn right away and leave the way you came. Likewise, when there is stress in the office, a chance of the employees working together as a cohesive team is slim to none. In fact, stress will generally affect productivity and overall performance which may lead to what is feared the most-the dreaded notice letter.

Everyone, irrespective of age and gender, faces stressful situations on a regular basis. Stress is actually a normal reaction to a life situation. However, if it accumulates or becomes a chronic condition, it could give rise to myriad physical and mental problems. The elimination of stress by its roots is the best and only way of dealing with stress. Here is how you can do it:

You have surely heard of the concept of different kinds of stress before. We generally differentiate between: positive stress - eustress, and negative stress - distress. Positive stress or eustress is the very essence of having a good time in the workplace since it gives you a drive towards success and leads to what is commonly called "flow".

Studies have revealed the fact that spending time with pets raises mood, relieves tension, drives away depression, reduces blood pressure and heart rate, and encourages people who lead otherwise sedentary lives to get some physical activity when they take play with their pets or take the dog for a walk.

Exercise allows your brain to function better which will allow it to get rid of stress more efficiently. Plus the fact that you will end up in better shape. Another great quality of exercise is that it will increase your self image and this self esteem boost will help you feel better about yourself and will help to get you started on becoming OCD free.

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