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Most steel bath have some form of metal feet that bolt on to the underside of the tub creating a ridged fram that can be bolted to the floor. The steel bath comes in a veriaty of options.

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Author: Arthur Mavericck

Today’s modern lifestyles drive most homeowners to completely reinvent and change the styles of their homes. The bathroom is one of the most important parts of the house, so a complete make over for it would be essential also. That is why installing a steel bath would be very suitable to make your bathroom durable, modern looking, and stylish. A Steel bath offers superior comfort and design flexibility for the homeowner.

Many people are dubious about some of today’s modern materials used to manufacture home products. When choosing a bath you may be put of an acrylic bath due to the material it’s made from. Older baths were always cast iron baths or a steel bath. With a steel bath you get a high quality enamel finish as well as a strong durable finish. It is also possible to repair a steel bath if you should ever chip it.

Most steel bath have some form of metal feet that bolt on to the underside of the tub creating a ridged fram that can be bolted to the floor. The steel bath comes in a veriaty of options. You can choose to have a steel bath with or without grips. Most people with familys or elderly relative choose a bath with handles. If you are going to be adding a shower screen in order to use the bath as a shower bath you should seriously consider anti slip. An Anti slip steel bath has a sand blasated finish at the plug hole end of the bath i.e. the end that you will be standing in while showering. This add extra saftey while standing in the bath. You can also choose a steel bath with or without tap holes. There are many modern wall mounted taps on the market which are becoming more and more poplier.

One of the bigest reasons for choosing a steel bath is cost. A steel bath can cost around 20% less than an acrylic bath. A steel bath also blends quite nicley with almost any bathroom suite. With all of these added benifets and the large cost saving of a steel bath you can see why most people choose a steel bath.

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