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Of the emerging computer technologies today, speech recognition has the potential to provide a strong impact in a few years. Let us look at the different applications, features, limitations, and promise of speech recognition in the 21st century.

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2 . Defining Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is the ability of a computer to break down human spoken words to binary code understandable by the computer. Most people have the idea that speech recognition involves the computer having a set of electronic ears to acknowledge your message. Actually, speech recognition serves as a translator, so the computer can act on voice commands and enhance the experience of the user.

Speech recognition functions on many levels. As an outgrowth of the concept, voice recognition or speaker recognition is the attempt of the computer to identify the speaker based on the tone of the speaker's voice. Thus, we can say that speech recognition is one of the emerging technologies that allow us to input commands and data to the computer - much like other input interfaces such as keyboard, mouse, and touch screen commands.

This interface opens many doors for applications in everyday computing. It gives us a new way of interacting with our computer while cutting the time between data input. For example, having speech recognition software on your cell phone will allow you to make a call by blurting out the name of your desired contact. Speech recognition defeats the purpose of current cell phone features such as speed dial. The version of the technology that is in the market is significantly limited. However, speech recognition has taken a lot of strides from its specialized applications in the military and health care to house automation and mobile computing.

3 . Speech Recognition - Breaking The Mass Market

Speech recognition has come a long way from a technology used in complicated machines and industrial devices to the everyday mass product. The advancement of speech recognition is related to the evolution of faster computers, signaling that highly advanced speech recognition is just a matter of time. The breakthrough of speech recognition from engineering laboratories to specialized applications came in the 1970's with continuous recognition - which means that humans do not need to pause between words. As this developed, the technology slowly gained ground to the mainstream.

The first industry to pick up speech recognition software as a commercial application was the health care industry. At the start of the transition, doctors thought that they could use this technology to replace traditional medical transcription. This idea did not pan out well since doctors are so impatient with the mundane methods just to work with these softwares that they prefer not to be bothered. At the same time, doctors and health professional are not comfortable with the idea of having a computer transcribe critical medical information that human transcriptionists do perfectly.

Still, faster computers and computing mobility allowed speech recognition to appear on cell phones, cars, and personal computers. Speech recognition added a level of simplicity for everyday users that do not peg high expectations compared to the health care industry. After all, it won't cost a life if you get a number wrong with your voice recognition software. With the aggressive campaign of companies like Microsoft and their Vista OS, as well as mobile operating systems, speech recognition technology is slowly being absorbed by today's lifestyle.

4 . Applications Of Speech Recognition Software

The functions and features of speech recognition technology are highly extensible. From bare speech recognition software, users and programmers can customize the application to their preference. The two main functions of speech recognition are dictation and computer control. There are various speech to text applications that can convert your speech into word documents with high accuracy. Speech recognition is also used to control your computer as you give them basic to advanced instructions. With a word, you can ask your computer to shut down, open a program, dial, save a website, and carry out similar commands. The value of controlling your computer through speech recognition is that you have two free hands at your disposal to multi task. That is why speech recognition is optimized for activities such as driving. Speech recognition is also used in the military for air force pilots.

This emerging technology is also useful for disabled people. By extending the interface of the computer to the disabled, they are given the freedom to interact with their computer and allow them to do things with their computer that they could not have done with a keyboard or a mouse. You can find many functions of speech recognition software in the airline industry, military, health care, education, office operations, and more.
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