Specialized Commercial Properties East Elmhurst NY

Small business finance programs for specialized commercial properties have become rare commodities in East Elmhurst as a result of more restrictive commercial lending conditions. This is especially true for golf course financing and funeral home loans.

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TD Bank
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Bank of America - Bay Ridge
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Funeral Home Loans and Golf Course Financing

Author: Stephen Bush

Golf course loans and funeral home financing provide a particularly challenging set of circumstances for both refinancing and purchases. For most small business loan programs involving specialized properties like funeral homes and golf courses, the prevailing chaotic bank lending climate has made a bad situation even worse. These specialized businesses are among the most difficult small business finance situations for commercial borrowers.

Stephen Bush is a golf course loans expert who has provided candid advice to business owners for 30 years => AEX Commercial Loans and Small Business Consulting

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/finance-articles/funeral-home-loans-and-golf-course-financing-933506.html

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