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If you think that moving is a stressful experience that is not worth it at all, think again. Despite the thousands of tiny little details that you need to attend to, moving can actually be a signal for you to give your life or your business a fresh start.

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How to De-Clutter Your Things When Moving Ideas For Those Items That You Do Not Need

Author: Paul Stephens

If you think that moving is a stressful experience that is not worth it at all, think again. Despite the thousands of tiny little details that you need to attend to, moving can actually be a signal for you to give your life or your business a fresh start.

When you move, you will be faced with the prospect of dealing with an entirely new environment, you will get to meet new people, gain new experiences and you can organize your home life in such a way that you can 'de-clutter'.

How to Start De-Cluttering & What to do with the Items that You Do Not Need

So how can you start the de-cluttering process and what should you do with the items that you do not need? First of all, you should organize your things in such a way that they will be divided into different piles.

You can create one pile for the reusable items that you can sell. There might be something valuable that you do not want anymore which you can sell at online auctions/ For the not-so-usable stuff, you can either throw them away or send them to a recycling station. Finally, make sure to leave some items that you do not need for giving away to charitable organizations.

So basically, you will either be left with items that you cannot use anymore, and items which others can still use. Here's what you can do with the items that you do not need anymore - but can still be of use to other people:

1. Sell your things at an online auction.

Think about whether you still need your childhood collection of robots, dolls or toys. If you feel that you can live with them anymore, sell them at an online auction instead. Not only will you be able to earn money out of the items that you can sell at online auctions - but you can also considering getting rid of those things as a way to start things afresh.

2. Organize a garage sale.

No moving experience will ever be complete without organizing a garage sale! After organizing your things, put in one pile all of the items that you think other people can still use and put them out for a garage sale.

You can also consider the garage sale that you will organize as a moving out party that you can hold for your neighbors, by providing them with free refreshments as they look through the items that you are selling.

3. Donate some items to charity.

Finally, set aside some of the things that you have and donate them to charity.

After getting rid of the items that you do not need anymore, you can pack up the rest of your stuff and look forward to the new people who you'll meet, the new experiences that you will gain and the new environment that you can savor when you finally move to your new place.

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