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Small baths are very compact with a range of sizes which are smaller than a standard bath. A standard bath is 1700mm long and 700mm wide.

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Author: Arthur Mavericck

If you are having a hard time figuring out how you can fit a bathtub in your small bathroom, then you are not the only one who is facing such a dilemma. Some homes today have very small bathrooms, that is why homeowners are usually forced to forget installing baths or they renovate by breakdown walls just to enlarge the bathroom. An alternative to dismantling your home is to find small baths that will be suitable for your bathroom size. There are many types of high quality small baths available today that can bring numerous big benefits not just for your bathroom but for your well-being also.

Small baths are very compact with a range of sizes which are smaller than a standard bath. A standard bath is 1700mm long and 700mm wide. You can find a selection of small baths to suite nearly any small bathroom space. The most common sizes of small baths are either the 1600mm or the 1500mm small baths. If you are really struggling for space of have a family member that has special needs you may find that the 1200mm small sits bath is what you are looking for?

The compact nature of small baths is specifically designed for small bathrooms, enabling you to have a fully functional bathtub with your limited space. The same features that are available on a standard size bath are also available on small baths, for example it is also possible to have grips on small baths. You can also have anti slip on small baths or choose both of these options if required.

If you have a small bathtub in your bathroom, you will be able to enjoy valuable healthy benefits that you cannot get from showers. When you can have a fully functional tub in your bathroom, you can effectively fight stress and other age-related disorders. For example, an hour of soaking in a warm bubble bath can help to remove fatigue and stress. This way, you can relax your weary muscles and unwind.

It is also worth considering having the best of both worlds. If you add a shower screen to one end of your bathtub you are able to relax in the bath when you need to unwind and if you’re in a hurry or want you wake up before work you can jump in the shower. If you do chose to add a shower, it’s worth adding an anti slip option for safety reasons. If there are children or elderly relatives in your household it is worth adding a bath with handles, small baths with handles offer comfort and safety when entering and exiting the bath.

The last consideration when choosing your new bathtub is, steel small baths or acrylic small baths? You can get most of the feature you need on either option i.e. both grips and anti slip are available on bath materials. It’s mainly down to self preference. Acrylic baths tend to cost slightly more. If you have kids of high traffic, it might be an idea to choose and acrylic small baths as any marks in the acrylic can usual be polished out. If you chip a steel bath they are quite hard to repair.

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