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Many homeowners when deciding to change the "curb appeal" of their home choose siding. Because of the many siding options and different siding costs, this is a decision that should not be rushed. It is advisable to research all the different types of siding and what the best option would be for your particular situation.

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2 . What is Siding?

Siding is the outer covering or cladding of a house meant to shed water and protect it from outdoor elements. Also, the siding on a home or building is an important element to the aesthetic beauty of the structure. This will ultimately affect the property value.

Siding can be formed of different materials, each unique in their look, costs including replacement and need. Siding can be formed of either of horizontal or vertical boards (also known as weather boarding in many countries), shingles or sheeting material. In all of these cases the main objective is to avoid wind and rain infiltration through the siding. To make sure this does not occur the siding is overlapped, the joints are either covered or sealed or an interlocking joint is created. This will almost guarantee that the siding will have a healthy, long life and you will not need to worry about replacement or replacement costs of the siding due to wind and rain damage.

The most popular choices for siding are wood clapboard, cedar shingles, vinyl, aluminum, steel, stucco, stone and brick. It may be attached directly to the structure or to an immediate layer of horizontal planks known better as sheathing.

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3 . Choosing the Best Siding for Your Home

As mentioned earlier, choosing siding for your home, whether it's a new home or replacement siding is not an easy task. You must try and familiarize yourself with all the various types of siding, how to ask the right questions and have the confidence to make an informed and intelligent decision.

First, you need to know what style of home you are siding. Once you know the style of the home that you are dealing with you will be able to narrow down your choices quite a bit. Usually you would not want to put wooden clapboard on a contemporary home. On the other side, if you were to place vinyl siding on a home built in the nineteenth century you may risk covering some of its fascinating beauty and qualities. Look at your home with a close, keen eye and try to determine its style and your lifestyle so you can come to a conclusion on what siding truly fits your needs.

Another important point when choosing siding is costs. Know your budget and know approximately what you want your siding costs to be. This will also narrow down your playing field quite a bit. You must also take into consideration siding replacement as well. Be confident in the fact that if any portion of your siding needs to be replaced or you would like it to be replaced, your budget still allows you to do so. Once you have determined your budget and the style of your home you must learn about the many siding materials available.

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4 . Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is actually made of plastic. The plastic is known as PVC or polyvinyl chloride. This is actually an advantage for many consumers as there is no need to worry about flaking or rotting paint chips. Please be advised that vinyl siding does have a lower cost than some of the other siding cost options, so with the lower price tag there can be some issues.

Vinyl siding does have a tendency to look dingy and faded after just a few years. It also has the tendency to crack and split. This may make siding replacement a real issue in a very short span of time. Different manufacturers have tried to take steps to prevent this, but it does still happen and to make an informed decision one must be aware of the possibility of this occurring. Also if you are concerned regarding the state of the environment, vinyl siding may not be for you. Problem being is when vinyl siding is replaced or removed the PVC can release toxins into the environment, which of course is not environmentally friendly.

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