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When you hire an individual writer for SEO purposes, you run the risk of hiring either a very good or very bad writer in terms of quality. With an individual, you have no guarantee.

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Author: Valerie Mellema

SEO article ghostwriting involves hiring a freelance writer or team of writers to produce regular web content for your company. This content will help increase your traffic, earn higher search rankings and drastically improve conversion rates. The question now is, since you know SEO article ghostwriting can be valuable, just what kind of ghostwriting are you searching for?

For starters, you can choose to do one of two things: you can hire your own freelance writer to ghostwrite your articles, or you can order a batch of articles from a Search Engine Optimization company that also writes original content. If you choose the latter, a team of writers will be assigned to you. There are advantages and risks to involved by selecting an individual. Let's consider a few advantages and disadvantages of hiring an individual for SEO article ghostwriting.

When you hire an individual writer for SEO purposes, you run the risk of hiring either a very good or very bad writer in terms of quality. With an individual, you have no guarantee. An SEO company usually guarantees their ghostwriting quality and can make revisions as needed. Obviously, an SEO company lives or dies based on its reputation. An individual writer is working by the job and can easily make a hundred different names for himself, so reputation isn’t all that important. Sometimes you'll luck out and find a really good writer to work with…but often times, you end up having to interview three or four individuals before you finally find someone you can count on for SEO article ghostwriting.

An individual freelancer may or may not cost a lot of money, depending on the quality of his/her writing and experience level. Most writers charge by the article or by hourly rate. Either way, this has the potential to be a great expense. Some writers will charge $10-$20 an hour, while others will charge $5-$20 per 400 word article. Most writers will not perform additional HTML programming, whether due to lack of technical experience or because they want additional payment. This is a significant advantage in working with an SEO company. You can get discounts on bulk packaging and instead of paying a lot of money for a dozen articles you can get hundreds of articles that cover an entire year’s time.

Never underestimate the quality of SEO article ghostwriting, as this will be what earns you big traffic and high conversion in the end.


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