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Are you using reverse osmosis home systems or are you thinking of buying one? Millions of people drink reverse osmosis water every day thinking it is pure and safe.

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Author: Derek Reeve

Are you using reverse osmosis home systems or are you thinking of buying one? If so, please take a moment and read this article. This article will help you avoid making a mistake that a lot of people make when it comes to choosing a good water purifier.

 Millions of people drink reverse osmosis water every day thinking it is pure and safe. How many of these people looked beyond the marketing hype and investigated in depth how a typical unit works. The truth is - it is not suitable to be used as a drinking water supply.

 A reverse osmosis unit consists of a semi permeable membrane and water is passed through the membrane under pressure. Theoretically when water passes through the membrane, any particle that is larger than water molecule in size will be blocked. As a result, you should get pure water to drink. In practice the results are slightly different. The water you get from an RO unit is neither pure nor safe to drink for two reasons.

 1. Reverse osmosis home systems are not capable of blocking any contaminant that is smaller in size than the water molecule. As a result, the water you drink might still have contaminants like herbicide traces which are smaller than water molecule in size.

 2. The reverse osmosis water you drink is not healthy either. During the purification process, the essential minerals and nutrients in water tend to get destroyed. These minerals, as the name suggests, are very essential for various biological functions. Without these minerals, the water you drink is only as good as the distilled water which is used in car batteries.

 Just think about it for a minute or two. The water you get from an RO unit is not completely pure. It is not healthy. The unit tends to waste a lot of water. And most importantly, it is expensive to set up an RO unit in your home. Shouldn't you think twice before using this kind of a water purifier?

 The solution, fortunately, is available easily. Go for a good water purifier with active carbon filters. This ensures two things. First - they are capable of removing all types of contaminants present in water. Second - they do not destroy the essential minerals present in water. Also, if I may add, they are cheaper than reverse osmosis water purifiers.

So you know what the problem is and what the solution is. All you need to do now is - take action. Avoid reverse osmosis home purifiers and get a good, effective water purifier today.

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Derek Reeve runs an informational website that provides details of the best water purifiers. If you're serious about improving the quality of water you use visit water purification systems for home to find the most effective, efficient and affordable products available.

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