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If you own a restaurant, whether it is large or small, then exhaust system will need regular cleaning if it is to run at optimal level and not be a potential fire hazard. If you want a properly run and well ordered kitchen then it needs to be cool and free of smoke.

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Does Your Restaurant Hood Exhaust Need Some Cleaning

Author: Jason Creation

If you own a restaurant, whether it is large or small, then exhaust system will need regular cleaning if it is to run at optimal level and not be a potential fire hazard. If you want a properly run and well ordered kitchen then it needs to be cool and free of smoke. Exhaust systems need professional cleaning and de-greasing not just for health reasons, but because proper cleaning can extend the life of an exhaust system. Unless your system is properly maintained and serviced, it will restrict the airflow in your kitchen and this is not healthy for your staff and will affect the quality of the food that you serve.

There are certain standards that restaurant owners must adhere to if they are not to fall foul of the fire marshals. If your exhaust system does not conform to NFPA#96 standards then you could risk having your business closed down. As a restaurant owner you are bound to comply with local fire codes and to make sure that your business is a safe working and eating environment for both your staff and your customers.

When you engage someone to clean your exhaust system you should ensure that they provide a professional service that is not sub-contracted out to non-professionals who may not use the latest foaming technology. Hood cleaning is a specialized job and if it is undertaken by non-professionals this could make your system unreliable and a danger to your staff and other restaurant users.

Exhaust systems collect a lot of dust and grease and need hot steam and chemical degreasers that are custom made for the industry. When an exhaust system is not cleaned or is improperly cleaned then you could risk the possibility of a fire that spreads through the system ducts and onto the roof - this sort of incident could not only result in the loss of your business but also in the loss of life.

A professional restaurant exhaust cleaning company will be able to repair leaky ducts and replace worn belts and bearings that might otherwise go unnoticed and result in a fire. A build up of grease in your exhaust system is not just a potential fire risk; it can also do irreparable damage to your whole system. Replacing an exhaust system is a costly business that can be avoided if you have your system professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

A good cleaning company will not just remove the grease that is visible to the eye; they will give everything a thorough overhaul that includes roof top grease removal. The filters on your system have to be thoroughly cleaned as a damaged filter can contribute to grease build up. A professional company will also know that the affluent that is drawn from the filters can be toxic and needs to be disposed of in the proper way.

Exhaust system cleaning is a dirty job that produces a lot of by product. Some companies reduce the amount of toxic by product through the use of bio-degradable cleaning materials that are not only better for your system but are also environmentally friendly. Exhaust systems are a major source of fire hazard in restaurant kitchens and although different systems may require specially tailored cleaning regimens; the fire service recommends that cleaning should take place at the very least, every three months. If you want to please the authorities and keep your restaurant then you should ensure that cleaning takes place on a regular basis.

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