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This article is going to review all the methods of recruiting available to today's recruiter. It will discuss traditional methods of recruiting, as well as some of the more advanced methods available today, such as Internet recruiting resources, the benefits of a recruiting directory, online recruiting tools, and many other issues related to recruiting.

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2 . Traditional Methods of Recruiting

No matter what your business needs are in terms of recruiting, most companies will use the traditional methods of recruiting as a starting point when they require new employees. Advertising is the most conventional method, and there are still millions of prospective employees that scour the classified ads in any city's major newspaper. The key when using standard advertising is to make the most of your advertising dollar. Ads can be very expensive, and you want your ad to target the specific kinds of people you are looking for.

Internal promotions are another resource that any company has when it comes to filling available positions. In fact, it is to the company's benefit to hire internally before outsourcing and looking for a new hire. This is especially true if you have a position at a higher level. Any current employees you have will already be familiar with their work, their ethics, their qualifications, and their capabilities of meeting the demands of a new position, far better than will an outside applicant. Your company will stand much greater success, if it hires within for higher level positions before it hires out.

3 . Using Recruiting Database Software

One recruiting tool that a lot of companies are taking advantage of today is the use of recruiting database software, and this software functions as a directory for recruiter needs. If you are canvassing a large demographic for either a specific position, or for a multitude of positions, the use of database software could save your business a lot of time and money in the long run. Recruiting database software essentially streamlines the entire process of hiring, as these databases will create a single bank or locale of all your applicants' information. You will have, at the touch of a few clicks, access to information on all your applicants. This includes degrees, education, qualifications, names, addresses, and contact information. You can maintain all this information in one place and use it as you need it. Perhaps an applicant in your database does not meet a current need, but they may down the road. By using recruiting database software, you will always have access to this information.
Information in this kind of software is generally stored by "type." Therefore, if your company's recruiter wants to only look at resumes, he or she can generally access this information easily. The same capability applies if you are looking for someone in a specific location. These databases will sort out addresses and location information, so you then have access to only a set number of applicants. It is easy to see how recruiting databases can save a company time and money when they are looking for a new hire. These databases serve as a recruiter directory of sorts that is maintained on-site at the business, and they will enable you to weed out applicants easily based on their qualifications and experience.

4 . Recruiting Via Emails

The recruiting database software can also be used as a recruiter directory to maintain email contacts of all applicants. Using emails from a database as a directory for recruiter needs is essential in today's society. Recruiting via emails is very popular in today's world, and so if you are using your database to do so, you first need to have some management within the database to ensure that all email addresses within are working email addresses.

When using email addresses as a directory for recruiter needs, you also need to ensure there are no duplications within the system. The last image you want to project to a prospective applicant is that you are desperate to fill the position. By sending out duplicate emails, this is precisely the message you send.

Choose programs that will do the recruiter directory management for you. There are programs available that will bump out email addresses that are not working, and you will be given the prompts to either delete or send the messages out. Look for terms like "intelligent address validation." This means the recruiter directory will break down the information into groups such as valid, invalid, or maybe. The database then leaves the decision up to you as to whether or not you keep the information. You also want your directory for recruiter needs to keep a log of all emails that have been sent. In the event that an email gets lost, or an applicant lets you know they didn't receive an email, you can cross-check that with the log that is being kept in the database.
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