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Quitting smoking is not easy for anyone and if you've tried it before you should know exactly what I'm talking about. The nicotine is one of the most addictive substances that affects the entire body functioning including the brain.

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Quitting smoking is not easy for anyone and if you've tried it before you should know exactly what I'm talking about. The nicotine is one of the most addictive substances that affects the entire body functioning including the brain.

Recent studies show that nicotine is just as addicting as cocaine, heroine and marijuana. The more nicotine your body takes in the greater your addiction is, therefore you are at high risk of developing several serious illnesses and even cancer.

The sad part is that smoking is socially accepted and second-hand smoking is just as dangerous as smoking cigarettes itself. Several anti smoking campaigns have been initiated over the last couple of years, sadly without any real results.

Here are some tips if you're looking to quit smoking cigarettes once and for all:

1. You need a good plan. Quitting smoking cold turkey is possible but still you need a plan. It's better that you take a few weeks of work so that you can relax more. Take advantage of the short vacation to concentrate on your journey of quitting smoking.

A good plan basically means that you should try and avoid people and places that might trick you into smoking a cigarette again. Throw away any cigarette or lighter you may still have laying around your house.

2. New Hobbies: Think about it for a second! Smoking a cigarette usually takes up to 10 minutes. If you are a-pack a day smoker then you're basically spending roughly 4 - 5 hours smoking. Isn't that an awful lot of time?

This is the main reason you need to come up with new things to do instead of smoking. If you won't find new activities boredom occurs and again you might be tricked to light up a cigarette again. Try and keep yourself busy at all times, this will help you fight cravings easily.

3. Exercising: Gaining weight is not a number one rule when you quit smoking but there are people that are likely to gain a bit of weight after giving up cigarettes. Your body might be weak due to the smoking cravings and this is why excises are an excellent way to strengthen your body and mind. You can also try jogging, swimming, rollerblading, playing tennis or any sport that involves a lot of movement.

4. Healthy Eating: It's important that you take in the right nutrients and vitamins when you quit smoking. Your body goes through a complicated process of eliminating all the toxins and nicotine, therefore eating healthy will help. Don't worry about your weight. Most people think that smoking keeps them thin which is untrue.

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