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It seems rare to find a pen that has no branding written on the side and promotional mugs are also commonplace and this has led me to consider the possibility of more unconventional promotional marketing methods.

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Promotional product marketing has always been effective but now, during the recession, tried and tested concrete marketing is now increasingly preferred to costly advertising online. Traditional promotional gifts often include promotional pens and promotional mugs, however, in order to increase the success of promotional marketing campaigns it may be worthwhile to think more ‘outside the box’ about where to target distributing promotional gifts and more specifically which types of promotional gifts to manufacture.

It seems rare to find a pen that has no branding written on the side and promotional mugs are also commonplace and this has led me to consider the possibility of more unconventional promotional marketing methods having a greater impact upon people’s lasting impressions. Try to think about the last promotional pen or mug you used and remember what company was advertised on it (not the one you are using now, that’s cheating!) I can picture a promotional pen that I used only yesterday but I can’t recall the name of the company. On the other hand, if I used a promotional umbrella given to me on leaving a restaurant to get to the bus stop, in the torrid weather that is the British Winter, the chances the name would stick in my mind are high because I would be likely to use the umbrella again or even just see it sat in my hallway and as a result revisit the restaurant. Also, the chances of someone walking outside, soaking wet, without an umbrella, and noticing my umbrella and remembering the name of the restaurant are also high compared to remembering the name on a pen.

Promotional umbrellas aren’t what I consider to be outside the box. The problem with promotional pens, mugs and umbrellas is that when using them the focus isn’t on the product itself but on writing whatever it is that you want to get down on paper, or drinking whatever is in your mug, or blocking whatever your umbrella is protecting you from, and lets face it, it’s not going to be the sun. Promotional products that when used are focussed upon more may have more success with creating lasting impressions. What promotional products create more focus I hear you ask. Here are a few ‘outside the box’ ideas:

• Stress Toys

• Key Rings

• Soft Toys

• Games and Puzzles

• Inflatables

These are just a few ideas but there is no limit to what promotional products you can utilise to promote your company. Just remember that although there is nothing wrong with promotional pens, mugs and umbrellas there is no need to restrict yourself to just these types of promotional product. The more creative and ‘outside the box’ your thinking is, who knows, your promotional campaign might just be that bit more successful.

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