Podiatry Queensbury NY

Podiatry is the field of medicine focus on the study of disorders of the foot, ankle, or lower leg. The professionals who practice podiatry are called Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) or podiatric physicians. To become a DPM, one must complete the necessary schooling to obtain a professional doctoral degree and complete a 2-3 year residency. Podiatric specialties include sports medicine, surgery, geriatrics, pediatrics, orthopedics, and biomechanics. See below to locate a podiatrist in Queensbury, NY.

Local Companies

Robert M. Fine, DPM
(518) 747-2372
Hudson Falls, NY
Harold D. Poster, DPM
(518) 792-3032
Glens Falls, NY
Schultz Brian J
(212) 725-9090
161 Madison Ave
New York, NY
Co-Op City Foot Care Center
(718) 671-2233
4240 Hutchinson River Pkw
Bronx, NY
Kosinski Norbert Dr
(518) 370-4331
1354 Union St
Schenectady, NY
Timothy A. Culliton, DPM
(518) 623-2844
Hudson Headwaters Health Network , 3767 Main St.
Warrensburg, NY
Douglas P. Fiorillo, DPM
(518) 792-9128
Greenfield Center, NY
Woltman Robert DPM
(718) 823-6239
1488 Metropolitan Ave
Bronx, NY
Leibert Stewart I
(845) 352-2070
471 Saddle River Rd
Airmont, NY
Lam Timothy DPM
(518) 993-3888
2 Willett St
Fort Plain, NY