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When you start searching for attorney you need to keep in mind few simple characteristics like years of experience that attorney has, the law school that he had attended and if possible his personality.

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How to find a good Personal Injury Lawyer

Author: Kevn Smith

We already wrote about the types of personal injuries and the possible compensations for them. It is not an easy field and some of the injuries require knowledge and experience that most lawyers don’t have. The best solution will be to find a personal injury lawyer and not just some personal injury lawyer, you need someone who has experience with your type of injury. He will not only inform you about your rights but also help you to protect these rights, because sometimes the insurance companies or the opposing side is not willing to pay for certain types of injuries. Also he will help to define the value, when the damage is non-monetary (loss of relative, emotional suffering, etc.).

When you start searching for attorney you need to keep in mind few simple characteristics like years of experience that attorney has, the law school that he had attended and if possible his personality. It will help you to avoid inexperienced lawyers (it is not a movie, so don’t wait for some genius courtroom solutions) and it will also to understand you attorneys personality and philosophy. If the case is complicated you will be spending a lot of time with your attorney and you will need to feel comfortable with him.

It is better to start search on the internet, advertisements and stuff are of course very good, but the important thing for you it the experience that a lawyer has and not his advertising budget or the ability to communicate with press. On the web you will be able to find some attorney directories or websites. It can be also useful to ask people on some local message boards. Be sure to keep in mind the type of damage that you have. There are various types of damages and you will need different lawyer for every type. It is wise to choose someone who has good experience with your type of injury.

On of the important things is to define how do you want to settle the case. It can be settled in the court or outside the court. If you decide to focus on the outside the court solution, you still have to remember that the lawyer must have some trial experience, if the case can’t be settled without trial. Knowing the experience of the lawyer and his success rate with or without trial will be vital for you, so don’t miss this when you choose a personal injury lawyer. It will be very useful if a lawyer belongs to some lawyer organization. If the organization is trustworthy, the lawyer will definitely be good. Also you will need to discuss the fees with the lawyer, many personal injury lawyers will work on a contingent fee basis. It means that they will receive payment for their services only if they recover money for you in settlement or court proceedings. It is probably the best choice for personal injury cases, but be sure to specify the fees and conditions on paper.

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