Personal Injury Lawsuit Damages Oneonta NY

The compensatory damages you may experience from a tort (don't worry, tort is a legal term referring to a civil wrong that results in damages to another person, personsal property or rights) can be general or special.

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Types of Damages Awarded in Personal Injury Lawsuits

Author: Kevn Smith

Personal injuries are probably one of the most common things that happen in our everyday life. If you are involved in an accident or just sustain a personal injury, or someone’s negligence or intentional actions result as harm to you, you are always able to fill a lawsuit and receive some compensation. On the other side if you are the one who is fully or particularly responsible for someone else’s injury, it will be good to be aware of the possible consequences. So basically general knowledge about personal injuries is useful for everyone. This article will be about types of personal injuries and the compensations that you can charge or you’ll be charged with.

There are different types of damages; after you have sustained a personal injury you will be able to recover damages for obvious things as medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering and even such things as the loss of ability to earn income or even the loss of the ability to enjoy life. Generally these damages are classified as compensatory. These damages are awarded to the person who suffered physical or emotional harm from the accident. It is important to remember that if you are partially responsible for your injuries, or for the accident, the compensation may be limited.

The compensatory damages you may experience from a tort (don’t worry, tort is a legal term referring to a civil wrong that results in damages to another person, persons’ property or rights) can be general or special. General damages allow you to seek recovery for the non-monetary aspects of you damage and special damages for monetary. The non-monetary aspects can include pain and suffering, impaired ability to live as you did before your accident, loss of a loved one and loss of reputation. It is very difficult to calculate the monetary value of these losses. If the damages include calculations of your loss of ability to enjoy life, it is called hedonic damages. Just like the other non-monetary damages it is hard to calculate the value of compensation, because the initial value of life is not stated in any of the laws.

There are also, special damages that are not such a complicated thing. This type of damages allows you to seek recovery for the monetary expenses you accrued due to your injury or harm, for example medical bills, lost wages and cost of repairing damaged property. It all can be compensated under special damages, just be sure to keep all the bills for treatment or the damage reports.

The best one who can help you with defining the type of your damage and the corresponding charges is a personal injury lawyer. In most of the cases, it doesn’t matter if the damage was emotional of physical or you suffered financial difficulties, there are always some minor things that are obvious to any experienced lawyer. We will tell you how to find a good personal injury lawyer in our next article.

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