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Here is information about Penny Stocks, Companies, Stock Brokers, Stock Listings and Trade Penny Stocks.Contrary to the "facts" that NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX have "virally" spread on the internet, penny stock trading isn't really that bad of an investment.

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Tim C. Merrill (RFC®), LUTCF, MBA
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Healy Carl Financial Planner
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Mr. Daniel Hazewski, CFP®
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Citizens Bank - Glens Falls
37 Bay Street
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Parent Frances J
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Morgan Stanley
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Hazewski Daniel Cfp Clu Chfc
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Mr. Stephen Wright, CFP®
1 Broad Street Plz Ste 2
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Ms. Frances Parent, CFP®
119 Dix Ave
Glens Falls, NY
Legacy Planning Partners
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510 Glen St
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Contrary to the "facts" that NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX have "virally" spread on the internet, penny stock trading isn't really that bad of an investment.

The reason why penny stock trading is said to be a high risk investment is, it involves shares from small and "seemingly" unstable companies. Penny stocks came from names that you haven't yet or wouldn't by any chance, spot on television commercials or print ads – these companies offer shares that make for speculative investments. Basically, penny stock, in investing terms, refers to any stock trading that's done outside the major exchanges. So, why do others still do penny stock trading, you ask? It's because of trust (and maybe, frustration), our friend. Plus, even stock trading at NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX involves risk, right?

To do well (and be able to get through the risks) in penny stock trading, you need to sacrifice a few dollars -- yes, you have to pay for your "safety". Paying a portion of your income to penny stock brokers might well be worth it. Actually, doing so makes for a good investment strategy. Brokers use almost all the possible sources of information on all pink-sheet listed companies-- they try to foresee potential market risks that could otherwise cost their investor clients.

You may also use the many penny stock listings available online. Sites to check out include, and

Here's what you should remember: trading penny stocks is a tough business to be in, but once you master it, you're on the way to live all your dreams. For more information and step by step tips On Penny Stocks visit,

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