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What do mothers in Hicksville expect, especially new moms on their first visit to their baby’s pediatrician? Read on the following article to find more information about things to remember at your baby's first visit to the pediatrician.

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What to Expect on Baby’s First Visit to the Pediatrician

Author: Brent McNutt

Giving birth is every woman’s most anticipated event in life. From the moment of conception to hearing your baby’s first cry in the delivery room, it is considered a tremendous journey you embarked on. As a newborn baby adds up color to her world, more responsibilities are also given her and her family.

The moment you give birth, you also widen you connection to a lot of entities and sectors concerning your bundle of joy. These are your immediate family, friends and the child’s health care provider. Most commonly, we call them pediatricians, doctors who tend for young children ranging from newborn infants, toddlers, and the like.

What do mothers expect, especially new moms on their first visit to their baby’s pediatrician?

Almost always, your first visit is baby-centered. This means that every concern will be focused on the baby’s needs and care. A general head-to-toe physical exam will be performed to your child. This is important to evaluate the health of your baby. Your baby would typically go through a physical exam which would eventually be the basis of recommendations as to what further check up your child needs to undergo. The initial findings that doctors may find in your baby would help a lot in a keen follow up of the child’s birth. For cases of babies with jaundice, a thorough blood exam helped determine and cured this illness.

Nursing/feeding will be reviewed, weight will be discussed, and if there are problems with nursing, lactation help should be mobilized for the mother.

First and foremost, a necessary registration of your baby in the doctor’s office will take place. Filling out forms and bringing insurance information about your child is essential for the first day. Preparation for the baby’s insurance coverage should be top priority for the mother. New parents could somehow find it hard to carry on with this process so they need keen attention to this.

Weight and height measurement, as well as the head circumference of the baby is done; the last resort is made to determine the baby’s brain growth. Nurses and medical assistants do this and record the measurement in a sheet or baby’s book that parents could bring home for their personal reference and guide. In addition to the information about your child, a thorough and complete history of the mother’s pregnancy and family history is also recorded and kept.

After making sure of the baby’s status, mothers are given the chance to discuss certain things with their baby’s pediatricians; you can also bring up topics of how to feed your child, changing diapers, caring and cleaning your baby’s cord, circumcision and baby care in general. Your baby’s first visit is a great venue to establish rapport with your pediatrician. Some maternal issues which are indirectly concern with the baby’s health can also be brought up, issues like post-partum depression, as well as the stress and anxiety that parental responsibility imposes.

Furthermore, you can also discuss your concerns and questions about vaccines, development, daily care, feeding and safety at each visit. Supplementary issues like safety measures connected with infant care may also be tackled during your appointment.

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Brent McNutt enjoys talking about landau scrubs men and landau scrub top and networking with healthcare professionals online.

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