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As you gather more employees, and as your employees have different pay rates, you will begin to need a new system. Payroll processing can allow you to get all of your checks factored, written, and sent. You can easily get all of your own employees paid without having to worry about doing it yourself.

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2 . What Is Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is the term for the various methods of having your payroll taken care of. With payroll processing, all you have to do is have a system for keeping track of your employees' hours. Once you have established how much each person is paid per hour, you can simply call in your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly totals to the payroll processing department. They will figure out how much each check should be and get the checks taken care of.

There are several levels of payroll processing that you might be interested in. At the very basic level, those that are in charge of payroll processing will have a list of your employees and how much they make per hour. When it is payday, you will call the payroll processing department, and tell them how many hours each employee worked. Then, the payroll service will figure out how much they get paid, taking into account hours worked and taxes deducted. The payroll accounting department will then call you back and let you know how much each person's check should be.

There are benefits to using this simple service. For one, you will be able to have the payroll accounting department keep track of all of your tax information and of how much you pay your employees. You will also not have to worry about making mistakes when you are figuring out how much to pay each of your employees.

Payroll accounting departments can also go further with their services. They can actually fill in the check amounts for each employee, and then they can send them to you to be signed. If you have an electronic signing method, the payroll service department might be able to do the entire paying process without your help. These extra options only add to your ability to control your time and get things done in a much smoother manner.

3 . Doing Payroll Processing On Your Own

You have several methods for doing payroll processing. One of the methods is to do the payroll processing on your own, or at least within your own business. When you do your own payroll processing, you are the one who is calculating the number of hours a person has worked. You will then calculate how much money they will make according to their hourly rate. After you have done that, you will need to calculate how much each person will have as far as taxes withheld goes. Then, you can arrive at the amount for the check, fill it in, sign it, and give it to your employee.

You might also decide to have a payroll processing department in your own business. If you have a small number of employees, you might trust a manager or other staff member to take care of the payroll processing. It might simply be part of that person's job to do the payroll. If you have a large number of employees but still wish to do the payroll processing on your own grounds, you might hire several individuals who will work on your payroll where you can keep an eye on them.

Be wary when you are using your own employees for your payroll processing. Remember that this gives employees access to information about other employees. Therefore, you want to carefully screen anyone that you have do your payroll processing to make sure that there will be no problems.

4 . Hiring Someone to Do Your Payroll Processing

Some employers would rather trust their entire payroll processing to an outside department. This is something that you might consider doing because it will provide you with the security of knowing that an outside firm is taking care of all of the aspects of your payroll. It will also help you keep your employees out of each other's business. With another company taking care of your payroll processing, you will not have to worry about doing it yourself, either.

When you decide to hire a company to do your payroll processing, you want to be sure that you have researched the firm completely and that you are aware of what they are all about. Good areas to research include their past history, and their past client lists. Be sure that you ask for references before you hire a payroll processing service. Also, be sure that you hire a payroll processing company on a trial basis so that you can be sure you have the chance to try them out.
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