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These days, every website owner has a similar purpose and that is to utilize organic positioning to get to the top spot for the Google search engines and other search engines for their particular keywords. Organic positioning is an important part in the development of any successful website, and without it the site may not see nearly as much success as they would otherwise. The thing about strategically gearing content for search engines is that everyone is doing it now, leaving those who don't in the dust.

1 . Local Companies

Pluzynski & Assocs Inc
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26 W 17th St
New York, NY
Out of the Box Promos
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1123 McDonald Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Main Street Ltd
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11 Hedgerow Ln
Jericho, NY
Magnetic Media Llc
(212) 747-0770
26 Broadway
New York, NY
Hemphill Higgins Inc
(212) 867-4671
104 E 40th St Rm 307
New York, NY
Dcf Advertising
(212) 625-9484
86 Franklin St
New York, NY
L H H & F
(212) 758-5800

New York, NY
Nature Studio
(212) 228-1040
434 Avenue of the Americ
New York, NY
O'halloran Advertising Inc
(516) 823-9631
31 Idell Rd
Valley Stream, NY
Ad Sales Group
(212) 683-9603
9 E 40th St Fl 10
New York, NY

2 . Content is King in Organic Positioning Efforts

As you go through your journey on the Internet, you will hear that 'Content is King' more than once. This is because blank, uninformative websites just will not do anymore. Technology has advanced far beyond that, and people just won't have it anymore-and for good reason.

When people go to your website, they want to see color, they want to see pictures, and they want to see rich text that is full of useful information. Not just any information will do; useful information is always best to have on hand.

Without good, useful content for your site you have nothing. The website search engines won't pay you any mind and your traffic will probably be down to the single and double digits before long.

A blank website is a broken website; keep that in mind the next time you are structuring your site or opening a new one.

3 . Search Engines Matter for Organic Positioning

The whole purpose behind strategic organic positioning is to get the search engines to take notice, and index your site accordingly. There is a long process that they must go through to get to this point, but the point behind all of this is that you want your site to be as close to the top of the search engines lists as possible; in most cases the first page will do as people rarely scroll that far.

The reason why? Search results become less and less relevant. Organic positioning has to do with having keyword-rich content relative to search terms people are using, and using that knowledge to your advantage to get to the top spot or top few spots on the Google search engine list. The websites with the top few spots on this list usually get quite a bit of traffic, which turns into money in the end for them.

4 . Search Engines Use Spiders to Structure Organic Positioning

From here, you are probably wondering how search engines know what sites have the most relevant content and keywords. Contrary to popular belief, they do not utilize a real-time snapshot of what the site has. Every so often, they use what is called a 'spider' to crawl through the various web pages on the Internet and read the content on all of the websites.

A spider is used to crawl through these sites and read content because it would take the average person a large chunk of their lifetime to read the (sometimes boring) content on all of the various sites on the web. A spider program also has the job of classifying and indexing this content, and this is what allows Google to assign a PageRank to every site. PageRank is normally assigned with consideration to the number of backlinks a site has leading back to it, meaning in most cases that content is useful and sought after.

The first time the Google spider crawls a site, they will only index the first page. It may be a month or more before the spider is actually able to 'read' and index the remaining pages of a site. Needless to say, moving up in PageRank and vying for that top spot is a slow and painful process sometimes.
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