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Permanent Placement for Occupational Therapist – Qualified Occupational Therapist Can Avail of Permanent Placements in Rehabilitation Centers, Private Clinics, Hospitals and Physiotherapy Centers.

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Permanent Placement For Occupational Therapist

Author: Brad Jones

Nowadays, there is an ever increasing demand for qualified occupational therapists and significant scope for career development in this field in the United States. If you plan to stay on in the occupational therapy profession, you can look for a permanent placement for occupational therapist job.

Entry Level Requirement

Candidates should have a master’s degree in occupational therapy from an accredited program. In addition to this, they have to take a national certification exam to acquire state licensure. With this standard entry level requirement, you can find suitable placement and then work to advance your career.

Job Benefits

As an occupational therapist, you get to enjoy a better lifestyle and save money. In addition to lucrative salary plus bonus, you have many other outstanding benefits including:

• Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

• Healthcare insurance including dental, vision and life

• Additional state license

• Paid housing

• Travel allowances

• 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

• Cancer insurance

• Continuing education

• Professional liability insurance

• Short-term disability insurance

• Immigration processing (for internationally trained employees)

A Much Valued Service

Qualified occupational therapists have a vital role to play in rehabilitation centers, mental health facilities, private clinics, hospitals and physiotherapy centers. They work with individuals belonging to various age groups in various work schedules – full-time or part-time. Occupational therapy specialists work with mentally or physically disabled individuals to improve basic motor functions, physical abilities and skills in all facets of their lives. Their service package typically includes –

• Giving treatment programs for specific disabilities

• Performance skill assessment

• Giving recommendation for necessary adaptations

• Teaching new ways of approaching tasks

• Adaptive equipment recommendations for permanent/temporary loss of function

Find the Best Service Provider for the Best Jobs

On successfully achieving the basic qualifications required for an occupational therapist job, you can apply for the jobs that meet your preferences. Get a jumpstart in the healthcare occupational therapy industry with the help of a service provider, who specializes in permanent placement services for occupational therapists.

About the Author:

Therakare is a US based occupational therapist placement agency providing quality placement services for occupational therapist. Our occupational therapy recruitment services are available on permanent, temporary or on traveling basis.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/career-management-articles/permanent-placement-for-occupational-therapist-815706.html

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