Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Centers Plattsburgh NY

Nursing homes (also referred to as rest homes or skilled nursing facilities) and assisted living centers are facilities providing residence and care for the elderly in retirement. Nursing homes are for seniors who require constant medical care and supervision, while assisted living centers are for seniors who require some assistance with daily tasks. See below to locate a nursing home or assisted living center in Plattsburgh, NY.

Local Companies

Franklin County Rehab Center
110 Fairfax Rd
St. Albans, VT
Arrowhead Senior Citizens Center
46 Middle Rd
Milton, VT
Holiday House Residential Care Home
642 Sheldon Rd
St. Albans, VT
Samuel F. Vilas Home
(518) 563-4960
61 Beekman Street
Plattsburgh, NY
Cedar Hedge Nursing Home
(518) 297-5190
260 Lake Street
Rouses Point, NY
Birchwood Terrace Healthcare
43 Starr Farm Rd
Burlington, VT
Senior Citizens Council of Clinton Co
23 Elm St Ste 200
Plattsburgh, NY
Evergreen Valley Nursing Home
8 Bushey Blvd
Plattsburgh, NY
PACE Vermont
786 College Pkwy
Colchester, VT
Hospice of the North Country, Inc.
43 Durkee Street
Plattsburgh, NY
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