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Non business collections require deciding whether to pursue legal action. Once legal action is complete, the creditor has more choices, such as property liens and wage garnishment.

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2 . Deciding Whether to Pursue Non-Business Collections

Non business collections can be tricky business. While you may want to scream about how horrible the person who owes you money is, you need to take a less emotional approach to determining whether you should file a small claims case against the person. For starters, figure out how much the person owes you. In some cases, you may be able to file for court costs but not in others. Make a clear financial determination about whether the pursuit is a good use of your time, considering you will need to make the filing, prepare your case, and attend the hearing.

You also need to think through the likelihood that you will win. While you think you have a solid case, look at the physical evidence you have. Emails or text messages or records of phone calls all may suggest you are owed the money and could provide good leverage. If word of mouth is all you have, however, you may be in for problems convincing the judge of your case.

Most small claims courts require the plaintiff to collect the money won. The court is not involved in this process. Make sure you have a plan for how you will get the money if the judge decides for you and whether it is likely you will see the money.

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3 . Documentation for Non-Business Collections

The proper documentation in a court case could mean the difference between a judge considering a he said-she said scenario and deciding for you. A business collection is easy to prove because you will have a receipt for products purchased or services rendered. For a non-business debt, though, proving it can be tougher and requires good record-keeping.

If you have anything in writing, then you should gather it to take to court with you. For non business collections, written proof may include an agreement you had signed and notarized. These cases are the best for you because it represents a legal document explaining the transaction. Should you not have this document available, include any emails you may have had about the debt.

Consider contacting your telephone company for records. Text messages may be kept for a period of time, and phone logs can be purchased. While these forms of documentation may not prove a non business debt is owed, they may be enough to back up your side of the story.

Write down anything you remember. If you know you made the deal on February 15 because that was Aunt Edna's birthday, include that date on a timeline you create. While the judge won't ask for your timeline, you can refer to it as needed to keep your story together.

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4 . Small Claims Court for Non-Business Collections

Taking someone to court for a non business collection account works really well if you have the paperwork to prove your case and are willing to do the footwork. Small claims court is set up for people who are owed a small amount of money that would make hiring an attorney unnecessary.

The process is simple, but the person filing the claim has the responsibility for doing the work involved. First, if you are filing the claim for non business collections, such as a personal loan or a person-to-person purchase of a car or other item, then you will need to get the person's name and address as well as the amount you are owed. File this information with the local court, and they will set the court date and notify the other party. In most cases, it will be your responsibility to get the correct contact information. Without it, the case cannot proceed.

On the day of the trial, you will need to bring in any paperwork you have on the claim. Practice your version of events before you go and try to anticipate anything negative that may come up against you in the course of the hearing. Be succinct. Small claims judges hear dozens of cases daily, and brevity will help you in making your case clear.

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