Nokia N96 Queensbury NY

Nokia is famous for its user-friendly functions from the beginning. Nokia N96 is one of the handsets that provide most of the features of third generation technology.

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It is hard to find a mobile phone user, who is not familiar with the name of Nokia. Nokia is one of the leading mobile phone brand from a decade or more. It has always been popular for its easy to use functionality and excellent features. Less educated people can also handle its user-friendly functions. This famous brand has launched a large number of gadget models. Moreover, it has always been active in updating the features with advancement in technology. Some time back, it started launching the widgets with third generation technology.

N-series of Nokia gained a lot of fame due to their premium-quality features. Some time ago Nokia N96 was launched in the same series. The model consists of premium-quality features as well as excellent multimedia applications. Camera, Internet, messaging, entertainment and everything required by present day users are existing in N96.

Now a days, gadgets and computers are closely associated with each other. In N96, you find HTML and WAP browsers like many other contemporary models. Additionally, you can view RSS feeds via its RSS reader. Its document viewer allows you to read Ms-office and PDF files. Easy data transfer is possible between the widget and computer. This action can be performed either by connecting the gadget to PC or through Bluetooth if Bluetooth device is attached to computer. These features allow the users to use it as a pocket PC.

Mammoth storage space is another advantage of mobile phones that matter for many users. Nokia N96 contains 16 GB of internal memory and additional memory of 8 GB can be added in its card slot. So, you have the ample space to store heavy videos, music files, pictures etc.. Besides this, practically unlimited entries can be added in its phonebook.

There are certain moments in life that become memorable and we try to steal those moments by capturing them in our cams. But a decade back, these cams used to be so heavy that people were unable to keep them every-time. But now you have no need to keep those heavy cameras with you. You can do the same by your light weight mobile phones available on mobila phone deals. That's why, in present days, camera features are supposed to be necessary in gadgets. N96 have 5 mega pixels of camera that can capture the images and videos with the resolution of 2592x1944 pixels. You can see these graphics with crystal clear view due to its TFT screen. Besides viewing these on mobile phone screen, its TV out feature allows you to see these on your television screen. Most of the people like to share their sweet memories to their near and dear ones. You can send these graphics to them through the Bluetooth facility without even paying a single penny.

GPS receiver with GPS function is another incredible function in today's handsets. You will never be lost in an unknown place until you have Nokia N96 in your pocket. You have no need to ask the way from a stranger. You can locate yourself through its GPS system. In this way, this widget acts as your ideal friend.

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