Neurology Malone NY

Neurology is the field of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of medical disorders of the nervous system, with neurosurgery being corresponding surgical field. The physicians who work in the neurology discipline are called neurologists, while neurosurgeons are the medical doctors who perform neurosurgery. A few of the better-known neurological disorders or injuries include: strokes, Parkinson disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer disease. See below to locate a neurologist in Malone, NY.

Local Companies

Dishman Leonardo MD
(518) 481-6434
115 Park St
Malone, NY
Sanchez Myrna MD
(518) 483-0482
183 Park St
Malone, NY
Latreille William Jr
(518) 483-4082
70 Constable St
Malone, NY
Gardam Claire Np
(518) 483-1015
384 W Main St
Malone, NY
Khairallah Ramzi MD
(518) 483-0705
5 Clay St
Malone, NY
Dr. Shaun Locklin
Locklin Chiropractic, PC

(518) 481-6886
583 East Main Street
Malone, NY
Richards Craig MD
(518) 483-4400
16 3rd St
Malone, NY
Bettez Maurice MD
(518) 481-5051
17 3rd St
Malone, NY
Shah R MD
(518) 483-0705
5 Clay St
Malone, NY
Cahill Gerald W
(518) 483-8990
23 4th St
Malone, NY

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