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One of the biggest online successes of recent years is the social networking sites. Membership sites like these allow people to make connections, find old friends, network for work and more. Many of these sites also end up serving as dating sites as well. If you are considering starting a membership site, a social networking site, or a dating website, a good plan will help make your site a success.

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2 . What Is a Social Networking Site?

A social networking site is a means of connecting people around the world. In many cases, you are not only able to see your friends' sites, but those of their friends as well, creating a network of people. These networks can be professional, interest based, or purely social. Social networking sites are a convenient way to keep in touch with multiple people at once, and may incorporate photos, video, blogging and space for personal interests. Most social networking sites are free for the users and signup and set up is quite easy. This type of dating website design is quite complex, given the multiple factors involved in managing the many facets of the site. While the website design for a social networking site is not a simple project, if you can tap a new market you may find success.

More and more, these types of sites are serving as dating websites, offering a new option in dating website design. While these are not specifically dating websites, much of the time they are a way to meet people and many allow you to specify your relationship status and whether you are looking for friends or a relationship. You can connect with others on the site by sending a message, adding them to your friends list, or leaving comments on their page.

3 . What Is a Dating Website?

By now, everyone knows that many people meet their significant others online. In today's busy world, a dating website may be the best option you have to meet that special someone. Dating websites vary, both in who they are marketed to and how they work. Many dating websites require that site members fill out a significant personality and interest questionnaire, and then the site produces possible matches based on the information given. While the dating website market is rather saturated today, if you have a new and different dating website idea, you may well still be successful. Ease of use, affordability and good marketing can all make or break your dating website. The majority of dating websites are membership based, with a fee for users to fully access the site. Some level of access may be available for free as an enticement to join. A few dating websites are advertiser supported.

Unlike social networking sites, your profile at a dating site reads much more like a personal ad than a full introduction to your interests and personality. You may find that you put more time and attention into making these few words reflect who you are. This does make dating website design somewhat less challenging than managing a social networking site.

4 . The Differences between Social Networking and Dating Sites

What are the differences between these two types of sites in regular use? They both typically include pictures and personality information, of one sort or another. They usually have some sort of messaging system to allow you to contact other members of the site. Both social networking sites and dating websites are designed to allow people to meet other people and develop relationships of one sort or another. .

Most social networking sites offer a much broader range of applications and customization than dating websites. Many social networking sites allow you to share your favorite music, online video, design your own background and more. You may use social networking sites not just to meet people as you would dating websites, but also to keep in touch with friends or family conveniently. Some social networking sites may include a range of message boards or forums relevant to the topic at hand.

One other key difference between most social networking and dating sites is cost. The majority of social networking sites are free for the end user. Advertisements on the site pay the bills and earn the site owners money. Many dating sites require a monthly fee. You may, however, find it easier to find someone who matches your interests and seems a relationship possibility on a dating site. In the broadest terms, many social networking sites are geared to a younger audience as well.