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One of the biggest online successes of recent years is the social networking sites. Membership sites like these allow people to make connections, find old friends, network for work and more. Many of these sites also end up serving as dating sites as well. If you are considering starting a membership site, a social networking site, or a dating website, a good plan will help make your site a success.

1. What Is a Social Networking Site?

A social networking site is a means of connecting people around the world. In many cases, you are not only able to see your friends' sites, but those of their friends as well, creating a network of people. These networks can be professional, interest based, or purely social. Social networking sites are a convenient way to keep in touch with multiple people at once, and may incorporate photos, video, blogging and space for personal interests. Most social networking sites are free for the users and signup and set up is quite easy. This type of dating website design is quite complex, given the multiple factors involved in managing the many facets of the site. While the website design for a social networking site is not a simple project, if you can tap a new market you may find success.

More and more, these types of sites are serving as dating websites, offering a new option in dating website design. While these are not specifically dating websites, much of the time they are a way to meet people and many allow you to specify your relationship status and whether you are looking for friends or a relationship. You can connect with others on the site by sending a message, adding them to your friends list, or leaving comments on their page.

2. What Is a Dating Website?

By now, everyone knows that many people meet their significant others online. In today's busy world, a dating website may be the best option you have to meet that special someone. Dating websites vary, both in who they are marketed to and how they work. Many dating websites require that site members fill out a significant personality and interest questionnaire, and then the site produces possible matches based on the information given. While the dating website market is rather saturated today, if you have a new and different dating website idea, you may well still be successful. Ease of use, affordability and good marketing can all make or break your dating website. The majority of dating websites are membership based, with a fee for users to fully access the site. Some level of access may be available for free as an enticement to join. A few dating websites are advertiser supported.

Unlike social networking sites, your profile at a dating site reads much more like a personal ad than a full introduction to your interests and personality. You may find that you put more time and attention into making these few words reflect who you are. This does make dating website design somewhat less challenging than managing a social networking site.

3. The Differences between Social Networking and Dating Sites

What are the differences between these two types of sites in regular use? They both typically include pictures and personality information, of one sort or another. They usually have some sort of messaging system to allow you to contact other members of the site. Both social networking sites and dating websites are designed to allow people to meet other people and develop relationships of one sort or another. .

Most social networking sites offer a much broader range of applications and customization than dating websites. Many social networking sites allow you to share your favorite music, online video, design your own background and more. You may use social networking sites not just to meet people as you would dating websites, but also to keep in touch with friends or family conveniently. Some social networking sites may include a range of message boards or forums relevant to the topic at hand.

One other key difference between most social networking and dating sites is cost. The majority of social networking sites are free for the end user. Advertisements on the site pay the bills and earn the site owners money. Many dating sites require a monthly fee. You may, however, find it easier to find someone who matches your interests and seems a relationship possibility on a dating site. In the broadest terms, many social networking sites are geared to a younger audience as well.

4. Choosing Your Target Market

One of the key points to making your site a success is choosing the right target market. Many social networking sites or dating websites focus on a specific group of people. Finding a group that is underserviced may allow you to make your site a success. This is a part of your overall marketing plan that you should carefully consider and work out before you move onto actual website design. Your intended market may impact the overall design of the website. If you are marketing your site to a less internet savvy group, ease of use may be more important than the best and newest online technology.

For a social networking site, your target market might be related to a particular interest, hobby or career. In the case of a dating site, you might want to consider marketing your site to older singles, or those looking for specific relationship parameters. In today's crowded online market, you do need to do something to stand out from the crowd in terms of dating website design or social networking website design.

Your target market could be a specific group, it could be those looking for an especially easy to use site, or you might simply have some new features not seen on current social networking or dating websites. Whatever your target market, good planning can help you make your site a financial and online success.

5. Social Networking Site Design

What are the key elements of social networking website design? Most social networking sites offer easy to use messaging as well as a more public commenting system. This allows you to not only keep in touch with friends, but to have an idea of what's going on throughout your circle of friends. A blog application, with privacy settings, the ability to manage music playlists, and page customization are also typical features of social networking website design.

Moreover, this is a competitive market, and you may need to come up with new and different additions to the typical social networking site in order to achieve success. This could be related to your target market, or to programming concepts not yet used on any of the major social networking sites so popular today. Many people who are less internet savvy may feel overwhelmed by the current social networking website options, so do keep this in mind when considering designing a social networking website.

As you might have gleaned, the process of designing a social networking website is quite complex and multi-layered. This is not a simple process; however, a successful social networking website can be a profitable project for a website design professional capable of doing the work.

6. Dating Website Design

Dating website design requires some significantly different attributes than designing a social networking site. You may need to find creative new ways of matching people based on personality traits, interests or overall compatibility. Moreover, the site should be easy to use and affordable for your customers.

Consider finding a new approach or strategy. Current successful dating sites use a variety of tactics, quizzes and assessments to match people based on a number of criteria. Dating website design may well require less intensive website design skills than a social networking site. Most dating website designs do not include any public comment system, any sort of blogging or profile customization. As you might imagine, this makes them much easier to design.

You will need to design a good system for suggesting possible matches. Do encourage your customers to fill out thorough profiles or personality assessments in whatever way suits your site. Some dating websites focus on casual relationships, while others are aimed at people looking for mates. Whichever you choose, a well designed site should provide a safe and structured environment for connecting with people thanks to good website design and planning.

7. Marketing Your Dating Website

Marketing your dating website is one of the most critical parts of making it a success. Obviously, in order for a dating website to do well and to make the website design worthwhile you need people to sign up, make profiles and create connections through your site. The more people you have registered and active on your site, the better the outcome will be. Do be sure that you have smart policies in place as well. Your users need to feel safe and secure in their participation on your site.

You will likely need to plan for both search engine optimization and advertising. Many online dating websites advertise on TV and in large publications. Even if your budget does not allow this, try to take advantage of advertising opportunities for your dating website whenever possible. Targeted marketing may also be effective for your site, if it is aimed at a specific community of singles. Perhaps you can advertise in local publications for a locally oriented site or in print materials or websites related to your target market for your dating website. A smart marketing plan is one of the most important parts of making your dating website successful in the long term.

8. Make Your Social Networking Site a Success

Can you make a social networking site a success in today's crowded market? The answer is still yes; however, you likely will not be able to infringe on the huge user base of some current social networking sites. New social networking sites do pop up online regularly and some do thrive, particularly if they are well marketed. The trick is simple. Choose a market that has not yet accessed the social networking idea. If you can do this, your social networking site and the time and effort put into website design may well pay off.

As with anything, the rule that you should do what you know may well pay off in terms of social networking website design. Avoid deciding that you should start a site for something you know nothing about, since you cannot accurately predict what that community needs. If you know the needs of a particular target market, you can design a social networking website to meet the specific needs of that community in a practical and productive way.

9. Corner the Dating Site Market

The online dating website market is quite crowded already, with many big names involved. Can a little site make a dent in this big market? Well, the big sites all started out small, and if you have a good plan, a good idea, and the dating website design skills, your site could thrive. Consider offering early incentives, like free memberships, to make your dating website a success. A large number of members can make all the difference in whether or not your site succeeds. The more members you have, the more you will get as people want a broad range of possibilities when considering a dating website.

The key to cornering the dating website market is to have something the other sites do not have. Can you offer background checks or elaborate personal profiles? Do you have a new way to match people that may guarantee a better chance of compatibility? Perhaps great web design and a slick interface is what your site has going for it, in a world where website design quickly becomes dated. Whatever you have going for your site, focus on what makes it different from the other dating websites out there today. In a competitive market, you have to be better than the best in order to succeed, so make a smart marketing plan, design your site well, and maybe your dating website will thrive.
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