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Media Rooms are rooms that are frequently added to homes by homeowners looking to establish a single room where they can enjoy family entertainment. Building a media room allows homeowners to be creative while they situate all of the family's preferred entertainment equipment into a single area in the home. Media rooms not only serve as great conversation pieces, but they are rooms that also prove to be incredibly practical.

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2 . What are Media Rooms?

When a person visualizes a media room, the first thing they usually think of is television entertainment. Yet, media rooms embrace far more than television technology. While it is true that often times the television is one of the highlights of a media room, media rooms also incorporate a variety of equipment for entertainment purposes.

Media rooms offer a place where people can gather, whether it is a family gathering or a planned party, and such rooms are designed to maximize the comfort of the individuals utilizing the room. In addition to high tech equipment, media rooms also include beautiful décor and comfortable furniture where individuals can relax and unwind. Further, media rooms and home theatres prove to be practical because they provide the homeowner with additional storage space. Household organization is therefore maximized when a media room is established - a central location where all entertainment items can be stored and utilized.

3 . Reasons for Creating Media Rooms

There are varieties of reasons why people elect to establish a media room or home theatre and the reasons differ as much as the personalities of the homeowners that decide to create such rooms. Some people want a room where the entire family can get together and share some quality time together. Other people want to establish a single locale within the home where they can enjoy all of the entertainment equipment they have invested in or plan to invest in. Meanwhile, still other individuals want to establish a media room because they want a home that offers the maximum comfort to those living in the home as well as guests that visit the home.

If you are planning to build a media room than you are going to want to make the room as comfortable as possible. Quality décor and quality technology will have to go into every inch of the media room to make the most out of the room for the investment spent. While you may want a media room that is simplistic, other homeowners may invest large amounts of money into a media room or home theatre -- the level of complexity is totally up to you in terms of design and décor.

4 . Establishing the Media Room and Considerations

If you are in the process of planning a media room you will want to sit down and give due consideration to every aspect of the room. The walls, the lighting, the floor, the equipment, and furnishings should all be listed accordingly. You will need to ask yourself several questions as you plan your media room:

- What color or colors do you want to theme the room with?
The theme of the room defines the comfort level of the room. You may decide to paint the walls with matching warm or cool colors. You will then want to match all of furnishings with the colors you have selected to unify the appearance of the room. The color scheme of a media room therefore requires careful consideration.

- What type of lighting is conducive for an entertainment room?
Lighting plays a big part in terms of media rooms and they comfort they offer. You will want lighting that does not add to much glare to television screens and that is not so dim that it becomes difficult to see. Lighting also sets the atmosphere of the media room in question.

- What kind of equipment do you want in the room?
Many people first consider the television that they want in a media room, but other technology also goes into the making of an incredible home theatre. Home stereo systems, projectors, CD players, DVD players, movie screens, and gaming equipment also need to be considered. Further, every member of the family may have a different entertainment preference and such preferences will need to be taken under advisement.

- What kind of window treatments do you plan on installing?
Window treatments or curtains may seem like a trivial item to consider, but what you choose is important. Curtains and window treatments will allow you to define how much light is allowed into the media room or not - thus, glare can be avoided and the maximum beauty of the room you create can be established.

- What are you willing to spend on your media room?
Define a budget and stick to it. Outline all of your planned expenditures before you begin establishing the media room. Even if you lack the funds to afford the more expensive items now, the nice thing about media rooms is that you can continue to add to the room or upgrade equipment when the funds become available to you.