Making On-the-Side Money Mahopac NY

Whether you need money for books, some walking around cash or the fare for a ticket home, here are some creative ways you can earn some extra bucks.

Local Companies

Temps by Harper Inc
(212) 935-5973
120 E 56th St
New York, NY
Gr Employment Corp
(212) 929-7559
150 W 28th St Ste 203
New York, NY
Lca Search Inc
(212) 683-6727
6 E 39th St
New York, NY
Labor Ready
(716) 285-8071
2626 Pine Ave
Niagara Falls, NY
Stafkings Personnel Systems
(607) 273-5335
224 S Fulton St
Ithaca, NY
Action Employment Agency
(716) 837-1024

Buffalo, NY
Fitness Together Inc
(631) 261-5225
395 Fort Salonga Rd
Northport, NY
E G Todd Assoc Inc
(212) 986-9052
122 E 42nd St
New York, NY
(845) 624-0400
257 S Middletown Rd Ste 2
Nanuet, NY
Workforce Development Career Center
(607) 733-7131
200 Baldwin St
Elmira, NY

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HUMAN GUINEA PIG: Ever thought of participating in a research study? Compensation for clinical research study volunteers runs the gamut from $15 for answering a few questions on lifestyle habits to a couple of thousand dollars for participating in a longer term study with an in-patient stay.

If your university has a med school, check out opportunities on campus. National clinical listing services include and

MOVING BILLBOARD: All Savi Maharaj from the University of Florida has to do to get a paycheck is drive her black Volkswagen Beetle around campus. If she leaves her car parked in front of the dorms, it's even better for business.

Maharaj is one of the over 700,000 contacts for a marketing and promotions company called Free Car Media. The company matches advertising clients with drivers across the country to promote the company's products. Drivers are given free samples of the product they are promoting to pass out along the road to interested consumers.

SELL STUFF: Sell what you don't need, can't use, or no longer like. Sell back your used textbooks at semester's end. Do it on campus for the fastest return, but if you're a recent grad you can sell back textbooks on-line. Check out

Other easily convertible-to-cash items include CD's and clothing. Expect to get $1-$5 per CD, depending on the condition. Gary Alpert, 23, after-school director at the Jewish Day School in Newton, Mass. takes the music resale concept a step further. "I've bought a box of used records at a garage sale for $3 and then sold them for $1-2 each at the used music store."

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