Live Chat Support Software

With Internet businesses growing daily, the need for customer service grows, too. Live Chat Support is help software that many companies utilize to keep their business running smoothly, and their customers coming back. Find out today if this is an option your company should invest in.

1. What Is Live Chat?

One disadvantage for businesses that operate on the web is that there are no sales people to help their customers. With the newest software now available for use on a web site, it is now possible to actually "speak" to your customers over the Internet as they browse your store or web site. Online consumers typically expect answers quickly, and if they can't get them on one site, they may easily jump to another.

That is where live chat support comes in. With live chat support, operators can offer assistance for customers through chat technology. Online support staff is present to offer help and support, and to answer any questions that one may have about a product or business on the Internet. Some live chat support operators are even able to offer specials and discounts, which until now have only been available at an actual store. Any company online can get the help software they need to offer their own live customer support service. This support may be technical, sales, or simply for information regarding a product. There are many different kinds of software that a web site can install that allow this unique feature.

2. Benefits To Using Live Customer Support Service

There are many benefits to using live chat support for your online business or web site. The obvious advantage is that you will be offering valuable help and information for customers that need it, whether they have a technical issue, billing question, or just a simple product inquiry. Some help software also allows chat operators to initiate the chat session. This gives your business the ability to initiate a conversation, when most of the time it is a customer asking for help first. The best part of this feature is the personal touch it adds to a web site.

Next, you can use this type of software on your web site to track your visitors. You will be able, with most programs, to see where your customer goes on your web site, the time spent on each page, what links they use, and more. This is a great idea to get information on what sells best, what is looked at most, and what the customer wants.

Along with tracking visitors, you can also use these programs to track visitors' referrals, or how your visitor found your web site. You will see if they found it through a link, or by a search engine, and which ones. This way, you will be able to plan your marketing techniques effectively by knowing the best places to advertise at.

3. Live Keywords

A successful Internet business understands the importance of keywords. That is why there is software that includes the use of keywords in its chat service programming to better help your business.

A keyword is a term that describes a word that captures the main idea. This is used when one is searching on the Internet for a specific topic, usually through the form of a search engine. A descriptive keyword can help the visitor find the information they are looking for fast. A keyword can be one word, a phrase, or an alphanumerical number. A keyword is created when a document is analyzed, either manually with what is called subject indexing, or automatically by full-text indexing.

An efficient and effective chat service can let the business know instantly what the keyword was that led the customer to their site. This can also help you understand where your web site is in terms of search engine rank. Using this tool lets the business know what search engine was used to find them. Knowing the popular keywords can help you, since you can then include them into your site, making your web site more easily found. There are different types of software that can help your business by tracking live keywords.

4. Proactive Live Chat Support

It is very convenient when visiting a web site to have the ability to engage in a live chat session when needing support. It is even better to have that support offered. A proactive chat initiation can send a pop-up invitation to visitors on your site, offering them the help they may need. A chat that is proactive is the ability for a business to use their online live chat support system to invite a visitor to chat without that visitor doing anything to initiate it. A sales representative can prompt a potential customer by using a pop-up to chat with them and offer help on anything they may need. This way, the customer will not need to click on the support button, as they will be greeted with a friendly inquiry in the form of a pop up instead.

This notification is sometimes referred to as a "proactive pop-up." As a business, you will have the ability to create custom pop-ups and place them around different places on your web site. You may offer a pop-up for just general questions, or also ones that offer promotional coupons to get your visitors to join your web site. Using this type of assistance can make your Internet business stand out from the rest and increase your sales.

5. Outsourced Chat Support

Many companies, especially Internet ones, choose to outsource their jobs to other countries. This is no different for the live chat support industry. As a business, you can greatly reduce hiring and support costs by outsourcing all your chat and support needs to companies that offer this option. There are many companies on the Internet that offer web sites that you can hire through.

There are many advantages to outsourcing work, especially when you need live chat support for your web site. As a business, you will be able to provide 24/7 availability of live chat operators, meaning that your web site will offer support all hours of the day, every day. This is important in keeping a successful business alive. Your HR hiring and personnel management costs will be reduced dramatically, saving you money that can be used towards other aspects of your business, such as advertising and products.

Many people believe that outsourced work means less service. This is simply not true. You can find quality sales and support services that will do wonders for your business needs. Representatives in the live customer support service will be trained to handle your business needs at a fraction of the cost. Virtual chat operators can save a business a good deal of money when utilized correctly.

6. FAQ About Outsourcing

Before outsourcing your live customer support service needs, there are many questions that a business may ask. The most important is the training that a virtual chat support representative will receive. With most companies, an operator is selected and interviewed on many factors. Their proficiency in English is a major factor, one that many businesses look for first. Typing speeds, manners, and decision-making skills are all other basics looked at when a company hires an outsourced worker. Training is usually done by another qualified call center manager, and your business can typically give a company a detailed list of the types of questions and answers an operator will need to be prepared to answer. If a customer asks a question that the representative is not able to answer, he or she can typically collect the visitor's information and send it on to a higher authority. The request can then be completed from there.

Virtual live chat support agents can be found in various countries around the globe. English speaking representatives are found not just in America, but also in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Australia, India, and more. Being able to outsource work means finding many agents willing to work for your company at all hours of the day. Chat sessions can be monitored to ensure that all questions are answered in a polite and helpful manner, and that appropriate action is taken if an agent does not conform to company policy.

7. Customer Satisfaction Using Chat Support

Installing help software that uses a live customer support service is a brilliant and innovative idea for any business. The benefits of using this type of assistance on your web site are many. First, you will improve your web site's efficiency by offering instant communication. Phone agents can only handle one customer at a time, meaning that many people end up on hold. With live chat support, the answers can be almost immediate. Live chat support agents can also multitask, answering two or three customers at a time, thus improving the overall efficiency of the web site.

Many chat agents are able to help a customer along, almost as if they were right next to them. Some programs will allow your agents to push URL's, help fill in online forms, download programs, or even take over a person's computer to resolve problems quickly. The personalization a visitor feels when using this service can almost guarantee a repeat business transaction with them. Your customer's satisfaction and loyalty are, of course, a business' number one concern, and with live chat support, this can be easily accomplished.

8. What To Look For In Live Chat Support

When looking to set up a live customer support center on your web site, there are a few things that are important to look for before you purchase assistance software. First, make sure the chat set-up is easy, simple to set up, and simple to maintain. Make sure your software includes more options for your customers than just the ability to get their questions answered. A proactive pop-up is a great feature to include with your software. Having the document or live conversation emailed to the customer afterwards can really make a difference in customer satisfaction.

Try to choose a software program that will allow your agent to interact with the customer while giving them the help they need. If a customer can get a document, image, or a web page right from the chat operator, they will be sure to remember your company in the future. Tracking devices in your chat sessions are convenient for your company's business, as well as tracking the popular keywords that are bringing visitors to your web site.

One other important feature is to choose software that makes it easy for the agent to answer questions quickly and easily. Services such as prewritten chat greetings, spell checkers, visual alerts, and more can make your agent's job easier. This will in turn help them help more of your visitors.

9. Click To Talk

Another interesting and helpful feature in the live chat support assistance industry is called Click to Talk. This service allows a customer to talk to an agent almost immediately after they have an issue or question. The way this works is that a button or icon is set up on your web site. When visitors click on this button and enter their phone number, this information is sent to the appropriate department in your company. The right agent can then call the customer back at his or her own home. You can personalize this service by offering buttons on different pages, such as one on a "My account" page and on a products page, to name a couple. Most software will give you the option to perform this function.

When the agent receives a Live Call request, the call is then immediately placed to the customer making the inquiry. Many programs automatically send information to the agent, such as the page the visitor is on and applications they may have begun. This way, your agents have an idea of what the customer is after and can give them the best possible assistance they can. Having a Live Call feature on your web site can be a great way to keep your business constant and your reputation great.
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