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Legendary and still on the road today, the Jeep Cherokee has made its mark in history. The compact classic style sports utility vehicle was one of the most popular vehicles on the market. The rugged workhorse power and off road performance appealed to the outdoors group.

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Is The Jeep Cherokee Considered Sport Or Utility?

Author: Andy Zain

Legendary and still on the road today, the Jeep Cherokee has made its mark in history. The compact classic style sports utility vehicle was one of the most popular vehicles on the market. The rugged workhorse power and off road performance appealed to the outdoors group. While the firm sporty ride with respected blacktop performance appealed to the utility and family minded individuals.

In production for almost 20 years, the Jeep Cherokee displayed minimal changes through the years. Cherokees lived through two generations of production beginning with the first hitting the roads in 1984. Modeled after the Wagoneer, the Cherokee was a cheaper more modern version. It offered consumers versatility, power and convenience wrapped up in a more modern vehicle.

The Cherokee was known for its classic body style and named the best shaped sports utility vehicle. The production and ongoing popularity of the Cherokee inspired other car manufactures to begin developing hybrid version and many of the SUVs that are found on the market today. Setting the stage for the modern sports utility vehicle, The Jeep Cherokee quickly began replacing the traditional cars.

A leader in four-wheel drive off road excursions, the Cherokee also was noted for its unique versatility as a utility vehicle. Anyone wanting to own a durable and sturdy vehicle could now do so. Offering a much more affordable price, the Cherokee quickly stole the hearts of both the outdoor group and the traditional consumers.

The lighter body style of the Cherokee was due to the unibody construction instead of the body on frame construction generally used in the manufacturing of sports utility vehicles. The first to offer ladder boxed chassis and ABS in both two and four wheel drive, the Cherokee marked its way. Additional improvements included noise, vibration and harshness level reduction and low emissions standards.

Toledo Ohio and Beijing China were the center of manufacturing of the Cherokee. New horizons were reached with each new improvement made to the Cherokee. With each vehicle manufactured the Cherokee came closer and closer to being the most desirable vehicle on the market. The increased quality of this already smooth operating vehicle made the added safety, more comfort and new aerodynamic styling icing on the cake.

Two generations encompassing nearly twenty years has bought consumers a reliable, inexpensive on and off road vehicle. Quality through and through is one reason this vehicle was so widely accepted. Even though the Cherokee line ended when the Jeep Liberty was introduced, you can still find Cherokees haunting the roadways today. Amazingly, the history of the Cherokee will live on and be seen for many years to come.

Versatile and adaptable defined the Jeep Cherokee. A perfect family vehicle it was easily maneuverable in foul weather, powerful enough to tow most anything and roomy and comfortable enough for the family. Unmeasured in its outdoor ruggedness, the Jeep Cherokee pleased the off road enthusiast looking to explore the unchartered territories of the great outdoors. A smart vehicle, the Cherokee remains a legend.

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Andy Zain is the admin of Jeep Cherokee Forum , a place where fans and owners can get the right information for tuning, customization and general discussions on anything about Jeep Cherokee. Get the information you need when you visit Jeep Forum

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