How to Understand a N.I.N.J.A. Mortgage Far Rockaway NY

The N.I.N.J.A. mortgage is "No-Income-No-Job-or-Assets" loan. A related mortgage is the N.I.N.A. "No-Income-No-Assets" loan. Learn to avoid them unless you want non-fixed rates that may rise like a rocket...

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Wells Fargo - West New York Port Imperial
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M And T Mortgage Corporation
350 Park Avenue
New York, NY
Mr. Michael J. Goldsmith (RFC®), LUTCF
516 541 0111
549 Broadway Street Suite 201
Massapequa, NY
Joy Mortgage Corporation
13611 38th Avenue
Sterling National Bank
(516) 487-0018
98 Cuttermill Rd
Great Neck, NY
Chase Bank
(212) 489-1991
787 7th Ave
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J. Disla And Associates
Post Office Box 321815
New York, NY
Helen Beichel
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Washington Mutual - Bank Locations- 22nd & Sixth
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CbA Tax Preparation Services
171-08 Jamaica Av
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