How to Understand a N.I.N.J.A. Mortgage Baldwin NY

The N.I.N.J.A. mortgage is "No-Income-No-Job-or-Assets" loan. A related mortgage is the N.I.N.A. "No-Income-No-Assets" loan. Learn to avoid them unless you want non-fixed rates that may rise like a rocket...

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Countywide Associates Inc
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Wantagh, NY
Jeffrey Lewis, CFP, ChFC
7 White Deer Court
Huntington, NY
Mr. Monroe M. Diefendorf (RFC®), CFP, CHFC, CLU
516 759 3900
152 Forest Ave.
Locust Valley, NY
Na-Home Funding Corporation
1409 150th Street
Custom Capital Corp
35 East Main
Prospect Abstract Llc
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Farmingdale, NY
Helen Beichel
1133 Park Place
Brooklyn, NY
Mr. Michael H. Fliegelman (RFC®), CHFC, CLU
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5 Harborfields Ct
Greenlawn, NY
Mr. Michael J. Goldsmith (RFC®), LUTCF
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549 Broadway Street Suite 201
Massapequa, NY
KyP Funding Corp
215-11 Jamaica Av
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