How to Touch up a Scratch on Your Hardwood Floor Potsdam NY

Its easier than you think to repair scratches on your hardwood floors. As long as they aren't too deep, you should be able to make them disappear yourself and save the expense of hiring a professional.

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Obriens Flooring Center
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56 Center St
Massena, NY
Kowlachuck Flooring
(315) 265-4800
6585 State Highway 56
Potsdam, NY
Bella Casa Hardwood Flooring
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236 Mann Ave
Staten Island, NY
Ungleich Hardwood Floor Refinishing
(607) 532-4817
8842 County Road 142
Interlaken, NY
Aguileras Floor Covering Inc
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120 Gary Way
Ronkonkoma, NY
Robillard R Flooring
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271 E Orvis St
Massena, NY
Coakley Carpet One Ace Hardware
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2535 State Highway 68
Canton, NY
Obrien Flooring
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63 Market St
Potsdam, NY
Active Floor Scraping
(914) 237-6262
36 Rose Ave
Eastchester, NY
Roggies' Flooring Center
(315) 376-8166
7576 S State St
Lowville, NY

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