How to Restore Granite and Marble Floor Monroe NY

Granite or marble floor restoration can usually only be done by professionals. Its important to know the process and how long it usually takes. Read the following articles to learn helpful tips about floor restoration.

Local Companies

Nirwana Flooring
(718) 657-0066
8614 Parsons Blvd
Jamaica, NY
Brown's Hardwood Floors
(518) 725-2545
488 County Highway 122
Gloversville, NY
Sander Man the Inc
(607) 326-7979
Denver Vega Rd
Roxbury, NY
800 New Floors
(718) 729-6966
3711 Crescent St
Long Island City, NY
A & S Floor Svce Inc
(718) 364-7847
28 Bedford Park Blvd E
Bronx, NY
D & C Floors
(315) 343-2580
93 E 10th St
Oswego, NY
Clark's Floor Service
(518) 355-3864
27 Cheltingham Ave
Schenectady, NY
Krute Stanley J
(718) 351-6969
673 Barclay Ave
Staten Island, NY
Viking Floors
(585) 328-4995
1424 Buffalo Rd
Rochester, NY
Bill Arthur J Hardwood Flooring Inc
(585) 669-9510
7936 Mill St
Springwater, NY

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