How to Refinish Wood Floors Ogdensburg NY

Under old, soiled, dirty carpet may be a beautiful wood floor screaming to be reintroduced to your home. A little hard work and you could have the hard wood floor you've always envied in the homes of others.

Local Companies

Garrisons Carpet Center
(315) 393-1021
1112 Champlain St
Ogdensburg, NY
Richard Hyatt J
(914) 248-5504
10 Raymond Ave
Dover Plains, NY
Ultra-Floor Specialists Inc
(212) 227-6447
2091 Grand Ave
North Baldwin, NY
Woodcraft Floors Inc
(718) 325-0666
4331 Martha Ave
Bronx, NY
Micolosi Brother Floors Refinishing
(718) 843-2400
2220 S Service Rd
Staten Island, NY
Coakley Carpet One Ace Hardware
(315) 386-8161
2535 State Highway 68
Canton, NY
Global Flooring Inc
(212) 889-1487

New York, NY
Ultra Floor Specialists Inc
(516) 223-0828
2091 Grand Ave
North Baldwin, NY
Campos Floors Inc
(516) 678-1890
2450 38th St
Long Island City, NY
Reliable Floors
(212) 726-1136
104 E 25th St
New York, NY

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