How to Refinish Wood Floors New York NY

Under old, soiled, dirty carpet may be a beautiful wood floor screaming to be reintroduced to your home. A little hard work and you could have the hard wood floor you've always envied in the homes of others.

Local Companies

Bennies Professional Floor Svce
(718) 796-7984
2810 Olinville Ave
Bronx, NY
Paterson Chas & Son
(908) 709-0653
9 Quine St
Cranford, NJ
Flushing Floor Incorporated
(718) 762-9592
4106 Delong St
Flushing, NY
Royal Flooring Gallery
(718) 256-1120
5910 18th Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Allstate Rubber Corp
(718) 526-7890
105 101st St Ste 12
Brooklyn, NY
American German Floor Scraping Company
(718) 352-9129
15123 20th Ave
Whitestone, NY
la Ferrara Anthony Flooring
(908) 272-9266
580 Ludlow Ave
Cranford, NJ
Sunshine Wood Floors
(973) 466-3171
8 Lister Ave
Newark, NJ
Luxury Floors Incorporated
(973) 481-4010
110 Verona Ave
Newark, NJ
National Interior Surfaces Corporation
(212) 722-3333
1830 1st Ave
New York, NY

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