How to Overcome Your Child's Learning Difficulties

Parents, take these 7 steps to transform your child's actual ability to learn. Almost every child begins school excited to learn, but discouragement and frustrationfrom repeated failures erode that enthusiasm. You can rekindle your child's love for learning.

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Years ago children were labeled as either "dumb" or "smart." Most of this labeling occurred in schools. Schools' main sources of evaluation was a student's ability to perform math problems and write answers. This resulted in students who had great abilities being labeled as "dumb."Now, rather than being smart or dumb, we understand that each child has a mix of intelligences. Your child's abilities will reflect that mix. As a parent and/or educator our challenge is to identify our child's intelligences and help them build them while at the same time shoring up the areas in which they are weak.Follow the steps below to help identify your child's strength's and abilities:
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