How to Keep Merchants from Ripping You off With Unnecessary Debit Card Fees Syracuse NY

"Debit or Credit?" asks the grocery store clerk when you produce your Visa card. Thinking he is asking you which type of card you have you say "debit". Congratulations the store and your bank have just successfully (and legally) stolen between two and five dollars from you.

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Nationwide Payment Solutions
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Syracuse, NY
Valued Merchant Services
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2219 Cornflower Way
East Syracuse, NY
Blackthorn Funding
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472 S Salina St
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Americredit Financial Services Inc
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301 Plainfield Rd
Syracuse, NY
Green Tree Servicing Llc
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Liverpool, NY
Merchant Warehouse
Syracuse, NY
Scott Gibbens / Central Payment
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5885 East Circle Dr
Cicero, NY
Creations Unlimited
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602 N State St
Syracuse, NY
Bankers Healthcare Group Inc
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207 N State St
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Home Funding Finders
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200 Salina Meadows Pkwy
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